WATCH: Disabled Walmart Greeter Honors Veterans With National Anthem

Posted: May 27, 2018 9:30 AM

A Walmart greeter in Ohio has become known in his small town for doing something amazing: paying tribute to Americas' veterans.

Every time Freddy Davidson sees a veteran walk through the doors of his Chardon, Ohio Walmart store, he stands and sings the National Anthem. Shoppers and employees alike stop, place their hand over their heart and pay tribute to those men and women as well. Some even sing along.

Davidson recounted the first time he sang the National Anthem while at work: “I saw the flag up there and said, 'hey, let me honor your service and let me sing the National Anthem if you’ll stand with me,' and he said yes,” he told FOX 8.

Although Davidson struggles to stand due to a bad back break more than 20 years ago, he does so while he sings.

“I can’t stand for more than 4-5 minutes, but I stand for the anthem,” Davidson said. “It is painful, but you just don’t notice it.”

The first time Assistant Manager George Hill, III, heard Davidson's voice, he was surprised.

“It’s not a regular voice,” Hill said. “It really is a powerful voice!”

According to Hill, staff and customers have truly embraced Davidson's tribute.

"They stop, they turn around, they face the flag, hand over their chest, they sing along with him and even hold hands,” Hill said.

“It’s very heartwarming,” Marine Corps Veteran Bill Gibson said. “It gives me the shivers.”

Davidson continues to look for hats, tattoos and various clothing that identifies someone as a veteran, all with the hopes of paying them a small tribute. He says he hopes to inspire others to thank a veteran for their service.