Dallas Restaurant Continues Assault On the NRA, Second Amendment

Posted: May 12, 2018 1:05 PM
Dallas Restaurant Continues Assault On the NRA, Second Amendment

Last week, during the National Rifle Association's (NRA) Annual Meetings, Ellen's, a Dallas restaurant, decided to let patrons know that management would be donating a portion of all proceeds to "organizations dedicated to implementing reasonable and effective gun regulations." 

The NRA received wind of the restaurant's stance and quickly warned convention goers to avoid the restaurant.

Ellen's quickly changed their tune...and their receipt.

Of course, their explanation was that they had "limited characters" and couldn't clarify their meaning. Convenient considering they somehow managed to find the characters later in the day.

Ellen's owner, Joe Groves, had previously posted on Facebook saying he would do everything in his power to milk NRA members as much as possible.

The Public Display For Gun Control

Fast forward a week later and the restaurant has launched a massive gun control push. Groves has now publicly stated that he's in favor of gun control (as if gun owners couldn't see through his lies to begin with).

Now, the restaurant is donating $15,000 to Mom's Demand Action. Here's what Groves had to say about the donation:

On Mother’s Day Sunday, May 13, Ellen’s will be donating a portion of its proceeds from last week’s sales, combined with customer donations, to Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. The presentation of the gift in the amount of $15,000 will be made during a special Mother’s Day celebration to be held at the restaurant at 3 p.m.

The story began on Friday, May 4, when Ellen’s management decided to commemorate the arrival of the National Rifle Association (NRA) by issuing a note at the bottom of each customer receipt informing them that “a portion of the week’s receipts would be donated to organizations dedicated to implementing reasonable and effective gun regulations that protect citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights and also help reduce needless gun violence.”

Within hours of the message being placed on the receipts, the NRA was aware of it and issued a boycott of the restaurant that was read and retweeted by tens of thousands of people. The reaction was instantaneous and overwhelming, with feedback streaming in from around the world. Over the next four days, the restaurant received thousands of social media post comments, multiple threats, fake reviews, prank phone calls, and visits from individuals who stood outside the restaurant to discourage people from dining there. Yet, the positive response to the boycott was far greater, with an outpouring of support in the form of patronage, verbal and written comments of support, and, importantly, in the form of donations to the cause. The entire Ellen’s team is excited that the “receipt heard around the world” has taken on a life of its own, bringing in donations and support from around the globe.

Ellen’s has always maintained their full support of 2nd Amendment rights, along with an understanding that we must protect our children in schools and police officers in the line of duty. Ellen’s’ ownership and staff were deeply affected by the attack on Dallas Police officers that took place just a few blocks from the restaurant on July 7, 2016. Those six officers were friends of the restaurant and the West End Historic District. After the NRA’s inadequate response to those killings, just like to every other similar incident in recent years, Ellen’s wanted not only to honor those fallen officers, but also to find ways to support efforts to prevent such tragedies from happening in the future.

Joe Groves, managing partner of Ellen’s, said today, “The NRA of today is not the NRA that I knew as a young man. I grew up in a family that owned guns, hunted, and believed the right to bear arms was sacred; and so do I. But the NRA today is focused on money, lobbying, and politicizing the subject by creating a false narrative that the boogie-man is lurking out there to take away everyone’s guns. That is simply not true. After the Parkland shooting, the NRA even stooped to disparaging and mocking the victims themselves. I cannot support the NRA in its current form and under its current leadership.”

Donna Schmidt, Local Group Lead for Moms Demand Action, Dallas Chapter, said, “The vast majority of Americans, including the vast majority of NRA members, support responsible gun laws. We're grateful to Ellen's for standing up for common sense and are grateful for their donation.”

According to CultureMap Dallas, Groves put a handful of personal money into the donation but says "the rest came from patrons of the restaurant as well as people calling us from South America, Asia, from countries all around the world."