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Dennis Quaid's Film Hailed by Critics as 'Heartwarming' is Out on Netflix

Last month, I previewed Netflix's "Blue Miracle," starring Dennis Quaid and Jimmy Gonzales. Well, it's here. The film was released May 27 on Netflix. Townhall received a preview screening thanks to Lakewood Church  in Houston. 


The movie was introduced by Dennis Quaid, who plays the experienced but washed up fisherman, Wade. He called it a "remarkable film," noting "it's inspired by a true story and I promise you you're going to be moved."

While Quaid is indeed the film's headliner, it also stars Jimmy Gonzales as Omar Venegas, a man who runs an orphanage known as Casa Hogar with his wife, Becca. In addition to being affected by 2014 Hurricane Odile, the facility housing the young boys under the Venegas' care is in danger of being taken away by the bank. Thus, the last chance to save it may be teaming up with Wade to win the prize of over $250,000 in a fishing competition, despite having no experience. 

As reported by Decider, the real Omar Venegas, whom the boys call "Papa Omar," said "I want everyone to have the opportunity to see Casa Hogar and how God is doing his work."

Those who watched the trailer hoping for and expecting an inspirational film will certainly not be disappointed. At 1 hour, 35 minutes the film is the perfect length for all ages. You can watch it with younger children, cousins, siblings, nieces and nephews, or kids you're babysitting and it's sure to be loved by all. 


Older viewers who are also fans of "Breaking Bad" will notice that Raymond Cruz, who played Tuco in season one, makes an appearance as Hector in the film, an old friend of Omar. 

There is an aspect of faith in the film, especially with Omar showing one of the younger boys a lesson about God's plan through a nail, though I won't say more to save you from spoilers. Quaid indicated in interviews he really appreciated the inspirational nature of the film as well. 

Multiple reviews highlight the positive nature of the film. 

Ann Hornaday's review for The Washington Post reads "This real-life fish tale is funny and heartwarming — and made for the movies."

The Globe and Mail regards it as a "critic's pick," which means it's included as works of art designated by the outlet as "works of excellence." Sarah Hagi in her review for the site says it "manages to be a rather charming family-friendly affair." 

Her closing is especially memorable:

I went into this movie as a cynic, but once I surrendered to what was happening, I ended up appreciating its more charming aspects. Even when it is at its most formulaic, it’s visually nice to watch, with sweeping shots of the ocean and colourful neon streets. Some of the more daring directorial choices make sense when you find out Quintana has worked under the mentorship of director Terrence Malick. But mostly, after more than a year of pandemic depression, it feels good to watch something uplifting where I knew everything was going to be fine in the end.


Josh Shepherd's review for What's on Netflix is worth reading in its entirety, as it includes an interview with Quaid. He suggests "Will Inspiring Biopic ‘Blue Miracle’ Break Out As Latest Netflix Sleeper Hit?" In his subheadline he writes that the film "elevates the inspirational true story genre with relatable characters and a hot reggaetón soundtrack."

Here's another chance to view the trailer in case you want to watch it before you stream the film over Netflix.

You can also check out an interview with Quaid and Gonzales through

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