Open Letter: Sharpton, Poverty Posse Fails to Inform Minorities of Choice

Posted: Dec 20, 2014 12:01 AM

Dear Al Sharpton, my brother,

Many black Americans would like to thank you for raising awareness about issues of race and prejudice, and the challenges they bring to our culture. So, if you don't mind, let's finish this conversation by addressing the hard issues about race that have been avoided for far too long.

As a black brother and “leader,” I’m surprised you haven’t already addressed these issues, but you’re in good company because the deniers also include the other members of your #PovertyPosse: Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, the Democratic Party, Louis Farrakhan, the Pink Panther Party and the Black Clergy. It’s stunning to me and other black brothers and sisters that you all are unwilling to give the rest of our “flock” this information. They deserve no less, for they are able and willing to understand the negative implications of victimization and hate-driven roots for progressing our cause.

We can expect to not hear this conversation from the mainstream media—but from "leaders" such as yourself, who are driving the protests around the country like you are part of the Indy 500? To not hear it from you is incomprehensible and reprehensible. This is why most everyone believes you and your "Poverty Posse" have an agenda to keep minorities believing that oppression is the only life they will ever know. It’s merely the lifeblood that progresses your own cause.

You build your reputations on the backs of blacks.

You have failed to convey to our black community the other side of the story: the Truth:

The Truth is we all have the freedom to make our own choices, no matter what our race or nationality.

The Truth is we also have a choice to try and change our behavior and others’ perceptions of us, no matter our skin color.

The Truth is: Behavior—both good and bad—is driven by personal choice. This personal choice not only defines judgment and perception but also fuels prejudice.

This is a reality for all races, nationalities, cultures and skin colors. In your pithy "Black Lives Matter" national movement across the country, you ignore that All American Lives Matter. We thought that was the Utopia you and your liberal ilk continue to seek, yet you continue to refrain from actually practicing it. Like it or not, prejudice hits everyone, not just blacks. In all cases, there is no denying that perceptions leading to prejudice are sometimes inaccurate and often unfair. There is also no denying that it happens to all ethnicities, and even from blacks toward whites.

We all have the choice to change perceptions as best as we can. The incidents that led to your “movement”were inevitably caused by an arrogance to defy the law. How can you not include this talking point in your “movement?” To deny this fact is to, well, deny reality itself. What you are doing for minorities, as their self-appointed messiah, is fail them. And we see where you go wrong.

As Americans, we all freely choose whether to have children, with whomever we want, and whenever we want. As Americans, we can choose whether or not raise our children right or let them live on the street. As Americans,we choose whether to teach our children right from wrong, love them, abandon them or abuse them, make excuses for them or teach them how to accept responsibility. The world is filled with choices and your continued plan to shut down one side of the conversation, or demonize it, places you in the contemptible position of ruining this great country, and all the freedoms and liberties we all currently enjoy.

Any of us, at any given time, choose when, where, and how to make excuses. No matter our race, skin color or nationality, we all have the right to choose between assuming accountability or making excuses. You see, it's not all about you and your "race."

Many Americans are waking up to your 60’s mentality of universal blame without solutions. What you do for TV is no longer resonating in communities. Americans have grown weary of you and your finger-pointing. Americans, en masse are not to blame. They know this. Blacks know this.

When will you choose to care about your black brothers and sisters? When will you decide to quash the hate and point the finger at the brothers and sisters who perpetuate racism and prejudice through their own behavior? When will you promote the basic steps toward elevating blacks through earning respect and accepting accountability?

Likely never, for you’re too busy marching blindly. You’ll likely find another excuse and continue to separate Americans because without hate and divisiveness, you will lose your own identity—and your notoriety as a result.

As for myself and Americans like me, we will continue to call you out on every lie, every division you cause, and every false narrative you speak.

You will probably not read this but someone in your #PovertyPosse will.

Thanks for listening brother. Keep your eyes open as you march. Watch out for that cliff.