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Stop Lying About the Derek Chauvin Trial

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Stop lying. Stop insulting our intelligence. I may have been born yesterday, but I wasn't born in the past 15 minutes. I'm an adult. I know when I'm being conned. Here's what really happened at the Derek Chauvin trial: A guilty man was railroaded.

I'm no fan of that former police officer. He's clearly a bad guy, a bully. When he had his knee on George Floyd's neck, he passed the line no cop should ever pass.

On the other hand, George Floyd was no hero. He was a lifelong criminal. When he died, he had just committed a crime and resisted arrest, and his body was filled with fentanyl. I have no sympathy for criminals, or drug addicts. And I always support cops. I appreciate the courage it takes to do their job. I think cops are heroes. So, it pains me to say that Derek Chauvin went too far that day.

But stop lying. Stop saying, "justice was done." Stop calling it a fair trial. It was more like a Soviet show trial. There was nothing fair about it. The verdict was clearly determined by the Black Lives Matter movement and the liberal media before the trial ever started. It wasn't based on justice; it was based on mob justice.

That jury was always going to convict Derek Chauvin of all charges, because it was THEIR lives on the line. They knew that if were to acquit Chauvin or convict him of lesser charges, they might never make it home, or the courthouse may have burned down with them inside it, or they might have had to leave the courthouse wearing bulletproof vests and be escorted home by a SWAT team and the National Guard.

Had they not convicted Chauvin, by the time they made it home, their names and addresses would have been leaked. An outraged President Biden would have made it clear they were all evil people, racists and white supremacists. Black celebrities would have tweeted out their photos. Angry, violent mobs would have surrounded their homes.

And, of course, America would have burned. Minneapolis would look like Hiroshima right now. So would New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit and most major cities.

Their lives would effectively be over. Best-case scenario, none of them would ever work again. No company could afford to keep them employed. Their children's lives at school would be ruined. They would need police cars stationed outside their homes day and night. They'd never be safe again.

Sorry, but that's not a fair trial. Derek Chauvin, bully or not, bad guy or not, guilty or not, never had a fair shot.

If all of that wasn't enough to poison the well, Rep. Maxine Waters made sure everyone knew the country would be burned down with her approval. Then, President Biden all but announced he was praying for a guilty verdict. Not too much pressure on the jurors, huh?

No, folks, those jurors did not base the verdict on evidence or justice. They were fighting for their survival. They were trying to avoid the third rail and being tarred and feathered.

Chauvin should now have the best grounds in history for an appeal to overturn his conviction, but no judge would ever overturn it, for the exact same reasons.

This is America in 2021. Mob justice rules. Police officers can't do their jobs. They have to be paralyzed with fear. They're damned if they do, damned if they don't. They must be afraid to get out of their cars. It's no surprise they're retiring and quitting in record numbers. They know no police officer will be able to get a fair trial ever again.

The next time you call the police in an emergency, understand why the officers may not be coming: There may not be any left.

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