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Democrats call anyone who disagrees with their opinion of climate change a "denier." They are trying to evoke the "Holocaust denier" label. That's shameful.

But Democrats are actually the ones living in deep dysfunctional denial. They are in denial of what anyone can see -- assuming you're not blind, deaf or really dumb. It's time to turn the tables, throw it right back in their faces.
Democrats are "border crisis deniers."
We are facing a dozen crises at our border. They are impossible to miss:
We are facing an illegal immigration crisis. Our nation is being overrun. Democrats can't see it. They are in denial.
We are facing an illegal alien crime wave in America. How many more innocent American children and cops must die before we acknowledge the crisis? Democrats can't see it. They are in denial.
There is an illegal alien gang crisis. MS-13 is filling our streets with cold-blooded killers. Parts of America -- such as Long Island, New York -- are infested with MS-13 drugs and murderers. They torture their victims before they murder them. Democrats can't see it. They are in denial.
There is a child sex trafficking crisis. How many children must be kidnapped and raped by drug dealers and pedophiles? How many children must be brought to America to become prostitutes? Democrats can't see it. They are in denial.
There is a drug trafficking crisis. How many more Americans must die of drug abuse and addiction before we act? More specifically, there is an opioid crisis. Opioids now kill more Americans than auto accidents. Democrats can't see it. They are in denial.
There is a prison crisis. Our prisons are filled with illegal aliens who have committed serious crimes such as rape and murder. Why should we pay the bill? Billions are being wasted. That money could be better spent on veterans or infrastructure or education. Democrats can't see it. They are in denial.
There is the threat of a disease epidemic. Whether it's tuberculosis or this new polio-like disease that leaves children paralyzed overnight, who knows what new diseases and tragedies are coming in through that open border? Are you willing to take the chance with your children? Democrats can't see it. They are in denial.
There is a humanitarian crisis. Women and children are facing rape, starvation and even death after the long journey. Experts agree that at least 60 percent of the women who take the journey are raped along the way. Democrats can't see it. They are in denial.
There is a welfare and national debt crisis. Millions of illegal aliens already in our country cost over $160 billion per year in welfare, food stamps, court, police and prison costs. More come every day. Democrats in New York and California are now promising Obamacare to every illegal alien. Our national debt is over $22 trillion. We are drowning in debt. A debt crisis that bankrupts this country is coming. Democrats can't see it. They are in denial.
There is a jobs and wages crisis for middle-class Americans. Illegals pouring through our open borders are taking jobs and suppressing wages by providing cheap labor. Democrats can't see it. They are in denial.
There is a terrorist crisis. How many terror cells have already gotten through our open border? What if another 9/11-esque terror attack happens because liberals left the border open? Are you willing to take that chance? Democrats can't see it. They are in denial.
There is a pollution crisis. Hundreds of millions of people around the world want to relocate. What would that do to America? More people create more pollution, more traffic, more greenhouse gases, more global warming, more filthy streets. But do liberals not notice it if illegal aliens cause the problem? Democrats can't see it. They are in denial.
Lastly, there is a voter fraud crisis. Democrats aren't in denial over this one. They know exactly what's happening. They want open borders because every illegal alien that comes into America is a future Democratic voter. This is the greatest example in history of "foreign interference" in U.S. elections.
Anyone who can't see even one of these crises is in total denial. But if you deny all of them, you are either complicit in the destruction of America or on the take from billions in Mexican mafia and Mexican cartel drug money. You pick.
But either way, Democrats are border crisis deniers.


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