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The Political Lynching of Brett Kavanaugh

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I told you so. Once the GOP allowed Judge Roy Moore (Alabama U.S. Senate candidate) to fall with zero evidence, zero witnesses, based on “he said, she said” charges 40 years old, it would never end. This would become a tool of the left. 


I was right.

By the way, if Judge Roy was really a “pervert,” how come we’ve never heard a word about it, ever again? Where did all the victims go? Why no lawsuits against Judge Moore? They appeared out of thin air. As soon as he lost, they all disappeared into thin air. 

Anyone can make up anything, anytime, without proof, or witnesses. Any desperate liberal who wants to stop a fine conservative from being elected, or becoming a Supreme Court justice can invent, out of thin air, any fantastic fiction they want. 

And never forget about the money factor. Anyone can be bribed to falsify a story by committed liberal billionaires like George Soros, with $1 million deposited into a Swiss bank account. 

All of that is in play here with accuser Christine Blasey Ford and the political lynching of Brett Kavanaugh. The story is unbelievable. It’s clearly a last-minute Hail Mary by the left. It’s not even original. It’s almost an exact copy of what happened to Clarence Thomas, another GOP Supreme Court nominee forced to defend himself against slanderous, unprovable charges. It’s a liberal game plan, taken right from the previous script.

Ford can’t prove Kavanaugh was there. She can’t prove he was in the room. She doesn’t remember key details. It happened 36 years ago. She has no idea how she got to the party, or how she got home. The only witness says it never happened. She reported it to no one- not parents, friends, or police. 


Then there’s the absurd “coincidences” and "connections." The accuser hates Trump. She is an ultra-liberal Bernie Sanders donor. She marched in the “I hate Trump” parade in DC filled with liberal feminists wearing pink vagina hats. Her social media was filled with hatred for Trump. She scrubbed it clean in the past few days. 

Her parents were in foreclosure proceedings in 1996. The presiding judge? Judge Kavanaugh’s mother. Liberals argue it doesn’t matter because they didn’t lose the home. Of course it matters. It’s a massive red flag. 

And the accuser’s lawyer just happens to be major donor to the DNC, Obama, Hillary and George Soros's

But here’s the real clincher. US Senator Feinstein has known about the charges leveled against Kavanaugh since late July. She interviewed Kavanaugh personally and never said anything about…rape? Her fellow Democrat senators submitted thousands of questions, but never thought to mention…rape?

This is a purposeful, desperation frame job. This is a liberal conspiracy- just like the DNC fixing the Democrat primary for Hillary; and Obama conspiring with the DNC, Hillary and FBI to spy on Trump and fix the general election against Trump.

This is a national disgrace. Even I never imagined Democrats could go this low. It doesn’t get any lower than the public, political lynching of a fine All-American gentleman like Brett Kavanaugh. 


How All-American is Judge Brett Kavanaugh? Forget the fact he's a loyal husband. Forget the fact he's a wonderful father of two young daughters. Forget the fact he's a girl's basketball coach. Forget that his record is spotless. Forget all he's accomplished in life. This guy is such a gentleman and boy scout that his ex girlfriends have publicly come forward in support of him. Do you have former girlfriends or boyfriends willing to vouch for you? 

This guy is a cross between Jimmy Stewart and Mother Teresa.

This is the guy every father wants to marry his daughter. This is the guy everyone wants to coach your daughter's basketball team. This is the guy everyone wants on the Supreme Court.

Except Democrats suffering from "Trump Derangement Syndrome." They want to politically lynch Kavanaugh. After all, they believe he deserves it. He's a white, straight, male Republican.

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