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It's Time to Choose: Prosperity or Crazy

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I'm pro choice. I'm not talking about abortion. What I mean is sane people have to make a choice. 

There are two clear choices. Prosperity and a booming U.S. economy. Or pure freaking crazy.It's up to American voters to choose.

On one hand…Small business optimism is the highest in almost four decades (since the great Ronald Reagan) and the 2nd highest in history. The single biggest problem for business owners under President Trump…their only complaint nowadays…is finding decent quality employees. There are now more jobs than quality employees to fill them. That's a pretty good problem to have!

Manufacturing is doing even better. Last month America added 31,000 manufacturing jobs. Over the past 12 months we’ve added 224,000 manufacturing jobs. Since the day after Trump’s election the economy has added 263,000 manufacturing jobs. 

The Federal Reserve reportedon Fridaythat U.S. factory output jumped dramatically last month, led by huge gains in autos, computers and furniture. Factory production is now up by 2.5% in the past year. And a survey of purchasing managers found that factory activity expanded in February at the fastest pacein 14 years.  

The U.S. economy is booming. "The Trump Miracle" continues unabated. That’s choice number one.

Or behind door #2, you could choose "pure freaking crazy." Insanity. Straight jackets and rubber rooms. Not to mention racism towards white people. 

Here’s your other path…

Hillary was speaking in front of a crowd in India last week. This wasbeforeshe fell down a flight of stairs...twice. This wasbeforeshe broke her wrist falling in her bathtub. One wonders if she hit her head. Because the things she said are pure crazy...and racist. 

Hillary condemned the Heartland of America as racist and backwards. And she said white women voted for Trump “because their husbands told them to.”

Think about that statement for a moment. 52% of white women voted for Trump. Hillary says that’s because they’re racist, backwards and their husbands told them to. But 93% of black women voted for Hillary and 96% of black women voted for Obama in 2012. Hillary sees that as perfectly normal. 

You can’t change crazy. Or racist. Hillary seems to have an obsessive hatred for white women.

But the Democrat Party is full of crazy...

California Governor Jerry Brown said to President Trump, “This is an act of WAR.” He was referring to the Trump administration’s attempt to enforce immigration law and protect legal American citizens from criminals. Nothing extreme, radical or crazy on the part of California, or its Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf served as “gang lookout” for illegal felons. She warned them ICE was on the way. Her warning (ie sedition) allowed violent criminals to evade arrest. Her warning could have led to the ambush and murder of law enforcement officers. The felons who escaped may yet murder, rape or terrorize legal American citizens in California. Nothing extreme, radical or crazy there.

Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said he voted against a recent Trump federal judicial nominee because he’s white. Nothing extreme, radical or crazy there. No racism either, right? 

Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters promises “Reparations” for black people if Democrats win the presidency in 2020. She’s saying that even though my Jewish grandparents arrived here from Germany and Russia in the 1900s…long after slavery or the Civil War…and even though they came here to escape from slavery, discrimination and genocide themselves…I will have to pay a “white tax” for the sins of other people from hundreds of years ago. Nothing extreme, radical or crazy there. No racism either, right?

Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi attacked Trump this week over the arrest of what she called “law-abiding” illegal aliens. She called sending ICE to arrest people in our country illegally a “shocking abuse of power.” Nothing extreme, radical or crazy there.

Leading Democrat strategists have said publicly in recent days the Democrat Party will run in 2020 on a platform of abolishing ICE. They believe America has no right to enforce our laws or borders. Nothing extreme, radical or crazy there.

In New Orleans, a restaurant is charging white customers twice as much for meals as people of color, to highlight racial inequality. Nothing extreme, radical or crazy there. No racism either, right?

A group of students at the University of Texas just launched a “No Whites Allowed” magazine called NWA. Nothing extreme, radical or crazy there. No racism either, right?

“The NRA is worse than ISIS,” said liberal filmmaker Michael Moore. The liberal Democrat Governor of Connecticut said, "The NRA is a terrorist organization." Nothing extreme, radical or crazy there.

So, there’s your choice. You can choose a booming U.S. economy and prosperity…or pure freaking crazy. And racist too. That's amazing! 2 for the price of 1.

Here's my choice. I’m not going back to crazy and racist. I choose prosperity.

How about you? 

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