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Have you heard the latest nursery rhyme? “Hillary and Obama went up the hill. They both came down in handcuffs.”

Don’t laugh. It’s not a joke. It’s very real. 


The noose tightened this week upon the entire FBI leadership over the scandal to destroy candidate Trump and then, President Trump. But it’s no longer just the FBI leadership, Hillary and her pals at the DNC and the Clinton Foundation facing serious repercussions for conspiracy and obstruction of justice. 

The real question now is what did Obama know and when did he know it.

Before I get to all that nasty criminal stuff, let’s go the polls! For over a year we’ve heard…

A)Trump is unpopular.

B)Trump is not just unpopular, but historically unpopular.

C)Trump is the most unpopular president in his first year ever.

The latest respected Rasmussen poll was released on February 7th of last week. Trump was at 48% approval. That makes President Trump MORE popular than Obama at the exact same date of his presidency. 

On Feb 7th, 2010 Obama was at 44% approval. 

On Feb 7th, 2018 Trump was at 48% approval. 

How is this possible? I thought Trump was universally hated? I thought he had the lowest approval ratings in history? Yet he’s four points more popular than Obama at the exact same time of his presidency.

If Trump is “historically unpopular” and he’s four points higher rated than Obama, what does that make Obama? But we never heard a word back then from the media. 

By the way, by week's end Trump was even higher- at 49%.

More problems for the Democrats. The latest Quinnipiac Poll shows Americans now give Trump credit for the economy 48% to 41%.

The latest Real Clear Politics average of many respected polls shows Democrats have lost dramatic ground on the issues of economy, jobs, immigration and national security. The GOP now leads 45-36 on the economy, 43-37 on jobs, 46-33 on national security, and 43-37 on immigration. Blue wave? Sounds like a red tsunami to me.


Now to Obama, Hillary and the FBI scandal. It’s only going to get worse for Democrats. 

Newly released texts from FBI lovebirds Lisa Page and Peter Strzok put both Hillary and Obama in grave legal jeopardy. 

*Texts confirm FBI investigators were using untraceable burner phones. Why would FBI agents be using burner phones? Does criminal conspiracy come instantly to mind?

*Texts also reveal President Obama was in the middle of the whole "destroy Trump insurance plan.” Page had to prepare talking points for FBI Director James Comey to give to President Obama. Because and I quote, “Obama wants to know everything.”

*It appears Hillary was smack dab in the middle of the conspiracy too. Lisa Page texted to Strzok “…she actually knows what you’re doing this time. And that the American presidential election, and thus, the state of the world, actually hangs in the balance.”

*It gets worse. The Hillary exoneration letter wasn't just changed to exonerate Hillary. The FBI changed “President” to “senior government official” when describing who Hillary sent illegal personal emails to while traveling in a nation called a "sophisticated adversary" to the USA. Could that nation be Russia? Why didn't they name that country? Perhaps because they're afraid Americans would figure out the "Russian Collusion scandal" belongs to Obama and Hillary.

And if Hillary sent emails to President Obama on a personal email, guess who else broke the law? President Obama. The FBI pulled off a 2 for 1...they changed words to exonerate both Obama and Hillary. 


*Texts also indicate FBI Deputy Director McCabe knew about confidential emails discovered on Hillary aide Huma Aberdin’s laptop and delayed informing Congress. 

*Texts from Strzok and Page indicate FBI agents also ignored that many of Hillary's emails were marked “C” for confidential. Were these FBI agents incompetent idiots, or complicit in a coverup? Good question.  

*Texts from Democratic Senator Mark Warner show while investigating Russian interference in the election by Trump, Warner was texting with the lobbyist for a Russian oligarch, representing the fraudulent dossier. WOW.

*We also learned a Yahoo news story used to gain the FISA warrant to spy on Trump was written by a former DNC employee.

*Finally, a top FBI informant testified to Congress that Moscow routed millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation in a “Russian Uranium Dominance Strategy.” He also claims to have video evidence of Russian bribe money stuffed into suitcases for the Uranium One deal. He says Obama knew about all of this, yet allowed the Uranium One deal to go through.

I wouldn’t want to be Hillary or Obama right now.  

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