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Thirty-four hundred Colorado citizens just quickly and quietly dropped off the voting rolls. I know the reason why. Because President Trump is investigating voter fraud in Colorado (and every other state too).

Those 3,400 ex-voters are illegal aliens. Until now they got away with voter fraud. But now we have a new sheriff in town. And they're starting to get the message: If you’re illegal and you’re voting...


Democrats want free and fair elections, without any chance of interference by Russians. Okay, I'll bite. Let's take concrete steps to assure our elections are free of fraud, corruption and manipulation.

Democrats also claim there are no illegal aliens voting in our elections. Let’s call that bluff.

The solution is a simple three-step process.

Step One. INSTANT DEPORTATION for any non-citizen who is proven to have voted in an election.

Right now, what’s stopping illegal aliens from voting in our elections? The answer is nothing. Drivers licenses are issued to anyone- legal or illegal. And Secretaries of State across this country agree they cannot tell the difference. When illegals go to the DMV for a driver's license, they are automatically offered voter registration- with no questions asked. From that point on, they can legally vote.

Democrats practice sleight of hand- like Bill Clinton asking what “is” really means. Democrats claim there is no voter fraud. Sure. That’s because there is massive VOTER REGISTRATION FRAUD. Millions of illegals are registering at DMV and the welfare/food stamp office. From that point on, they can legally vote. They are legally on the registration list. There’s your massive election fraud. It starts with the registration process. That's why they can claim they are "legally voting." Because they illegally registered, in plain view.

It’s time to assure millions of illegals aren’t corrupting our elections.

Will any Republican Congressman vote against this bill? I don't want to deport every illegal alien. Just the ones who commit fraud. Who can argue with that? If you vote illegally, you get deported. You've lost your right to stay in America.

Does any elected Republican believe it's okay for non-citizens to vote in our elections? Doesn't everyone (even Democrats) agree it's a crime to commit voter fraud? So, will any Republican go on record to vote against deportation for illegal aliens committing voter fraud?

Democrats claim no illegals are voting. Republicans like President Trump and myself believe millions are voting illegally. If Democrats are right, then why should they oppose this legislation? If no illegal aliens are voting, then why would anyone worry about the possible consequences of the crime?

This penalty would deter non-citizens from trying to influence our elections. This would end the debate once and for all about illegals voting in elections. If it isn't happening (as Democrats claim) then no one has anything to worry about.

Republicans control the White House and both Houses of Congress. Why couldn't this legislation be passed tomorrow? What Republican Congressman or Senator would publicly oppose strict penalties for non-citizens illegally voting in our elections? Does any elected Republican want to go on record as being FOR illegals voting?

Step Two. Create a national hack-proof voting "credit card."

No one can hack it. No one can fake it. No one can reproduce it. It's foolproof. I've argued before that this card should include federal government issued photo, plus biometric fingerprint. Mexico already does this. If it's good enough for Mexico, it should be good enough for America. And if it isn't "racist" in Mexico, it can't be "racist" in America.

But in honor of our Democrat Party friends, let’s call it “The Russian Hacking Prevention Card.” Democrats claim Russians are influencing our elections. They claim Russia wants Republicans to win. So, let’s call your bluff. Could Democrats oppose this?

Step Three. Match voter rolls with legal citizens.

Any name that doesn’t match gets thrown out. Simple. As a bonus, throw out duplicate voters, dead voters and voters who no longer live at that address. This is 2017. The NSA can listen in to every conversation, text and email in America, but Democrats claim we can’t clean voter rolls. Really? Put Amazon or Apple in charge. They’ll get it done in a week.

Let's get both Republican and Democrat members of Congress on record. We need FEDERAL laws to prevent the massive voter fraud going on in America. Let's see who really wants to stop voter fraud.

And then, if you’re illegal and you vote, IT’S ADIOS, AMIGO.

P.S. If this legislation was in place at the federal level in 2016, I’m betting Donald Trump would have won both California and the national popular vote (not to mention an historic electoral landslide).

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