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Trump Tax Return Challenge

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It’s time for Donald Trump to turn the tables on Hillary.

It’s so obvious that Hillary and her cabal of socialists and media scam artists are going to try to make Donald Trump’s tax returns the biggest issue of the Fall. Their game plan is so easy to read- Hillary’s bribed media partners will turn up the heat on Trump like clockwork- in a coordinated media blitz right after Labor Day.


I have the perfect response for Donald. He should say, “I’ll release my tax returns on the spot…as soon as Hillary locates her 32,000 deleted emails…releases all Clinton Foundation records…the transcripts of her speeches to Goldman Sachs…and her authenticated medical records.”

Because four things are clear to the American people…

1. Hillary didn’t delete emails by mistake. That was a Watergate-like criminal cleansing. She didn’t delete emails with “personal messages.” She deleted emails that exposed criminal activities that could send her to “the Big House” instead of the White House.

2.The Clinton Foundation is one big global Ponzi scheme. Hillary acted like a Gambino mob boss- extorting money from foreign governments and corporations in exchange for access, favors and government contracts, paid for by the taxpayers. This is called treason.

The American people were ripped off and defrauded. We need to see all the records.

And if she is elected president, if the Clinton Foundation documents aren’t made public now, Hillary will be open to blackmail by all of these foreign governments and corporations. 


3.Hillary is bought and paid for by the biggest corporations on Wall Street. She is literally owned by hedge funds and Wall Street giants like Goldman Sachs. Why do you think hedge funds have given her $47 million versus $19,000 to me? She is owned like a dog on a leash.

The proof is in the speeches she was paid $19 million for over the past two years. The American people must be allowed to hear Hillary’s promises made in front of Goldman Sachs and hedge fund billionaires- because she was promising to rig the system with your taxpayer money!

4. We need to see Hillary’s real medical records. It’s so obvious Hillary has serious health problems. Her poor health probably relates to the stress of hiding her many crimes. I'm sure Hillary can't sleep with all the secrets and skeletons in her closet. That kind of stress would be enough to make anyone sick with brain disorders or chronic disease. But if she is truly sick, she cannot be allowed to serve as president.

Donald should announce this challenge the day after Labor Day. Hillary will never release any of those records. Ever. She can’t. The jig is up if she ever releases those records. Forget the White House...she'll be headed to "the Big House."


That’s why Donald is in a perfect win-win situation with this challenge. He turns the tables on Hillary. If she wants to see his tax returns, she has to respond.

If she never responds, she look like she has something to hide (which of course, she does). And assuming she never agrees to show her records (which she won't), Donald is off the hook. He never has to show his tax return. 

Bye bye Hillary. Hello President Donald J. Trump.

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