My Holiday Wishes for Obama

Posted: Nov 21, 2014 12:01 AM

It's almost Thanksgiving and the Christmas season is upon us. Many of us are already shopping for holiday gifts. So that inspired me to think up a holiday gift list that I hope and pray Obama receives for Christmas! Here are 15 perfect holiday gifts for Obama.

*Obama's Secret Service disarmed- since he doesn't think rest of us need guns for protection.

*Remove the fence around the White House- since Obama doesn't think we need a fence at our Southern border.

*A Christmas dinner at White House prepared and served by illegal immigrants who just arrived from the Ebola Zone- since he thinks rest of us shouldn't worry about Ebola (or illegal immigration).

*And of course, that White House Christmas dinner prepared with careful adherence to the standards of Michelle's "nutritious" public school lunch program. That should beyummy!

*Health insurance cancellation for Obama family- just like the rest of us. After all Michelle's policy doesn't provide coverage for pregnancy, Viagra or mental health issues. It's gotta go.

*The end of all criminal background checks for anyone hired at White House. Why not let Obama enjoy the same policy his EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) tried to enforce on every business in America.

*May Sasha & Malia enjoy their 2015 school year at a fine inner city public school. After all, Obama believes those teachers unions really "care about the kids."

*Since Obama is such a believer in climate change, may he spend the last 2 years of the Presidency riding around in a Prius, instead of his heavy, gas-guzzling bullet-proof limousines. And of course Air Force One has to go too. From now on, Obama flies coach...on American (the perfect airline for a guy who wants to fundamentally change America).

*If Obama comes under withering fire from terrorists, may he call his favorite General and find him asleep with orders that he not be disturbed for the night. A little taste of the last moments of our heroes at Benghazi might be the ideal Christmas gift!

*To remind him of the economy he created, may Michelle work in a part-time job with no benefits. It might do her some good to experience the real Obama economy.

*Since he doesn't want any of us to have coal anymore, I hope Obama gets coal in his Christmas stocking hanging above White House fireplace. May it always remind him of the plentiful cheap energy he took away from middle class Americans, in order to double our electric bills.

*Also in that Christmas stocking two books he ought to read: the book that best describes what Obama has done to America, my national bestseller, "The Murder of the Middle Class" and then there's the biography about Obama "The Audacity of a Dope."

*Don't forget an intrusive IRS audit under the tree. What's good for the goose, is good for the gander.

*A crash language course in Hebrew, followed by a week underground in an Israeli bomb shelter with the citizens of Israel whose lives he's placed in peril.

*And my last Christmas wish for Obama…

IMPEACHMENT in the New Year...prison time for fraud for every Obama aide involved in Obamacare…and a partridge in a pear tree.

Happy Holidays & God Bless everyone.