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Why I’m Running to be Georgia’s Next Agriculture Commissioner

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Growing up on the family farm in Ocilla, a small town in South Georgia where my family has tilled the soil for seven generations, we learned that agriculture is much more than just a job. For me, my parents, my grandparents, and my community, agriculture has always been a way of life—and I’m proud to carry on that legacy still to this day. I have always been proud of where I come, proud of my deep family roots in our state and in the agricultural industry, and proud of the values that have been instilled in me from an early age, what those of us in rural Georgia like to call farm values. 


From a very young age, we were taught the tremendous value of agriculture. We learned that the work we did in the fields was sustaining communities across our state and our country – from their food, to their clothes, to almost every other product consumed. On the farm, through trials and tribulation, we learned the value of a hard day’s work. We learned to trust in God. We learned that family was the most important thing we’d ever have.

As business owners, we also learned that big government was never the answer. We saw firsthand that hard work, personal responsibility, integrity and determination would always be the keys to success. But over the years, we also saw the pitfalls of big government,  and the dangers of a liberal, progressive agenda with open borders, abortion on demand, attacks on our 2nd Amendment rights. 

Today, the war on Georgia families has only gotten worse. Now, liberals are fighting to undermine our elections. Big Tech is working overtime to promote the far Left. And the woke mob is seeking to cancel conservatives at every turn.

As Georgia’s next Agriculture Commissioner, my top priority will be working to promote our agricultural community – and putting farmers and consumers first. I will build on the Georgia Grown program, strengthen the Right to Farm provision, and work around the clock to extend the reach of our producers to new markets across the state, country, and world. I will proudly lead a team of dedicated professionals at the Department of Agriculture to ensure we are meeting the needs of Georgia’s farmers and consumers every day. 


I’ll work tirelessly to ensure that Georgia farmers are not the victims of unfair trade practices, and I will work with stakeholders to eliminate the burdensome regulations and tariffs that handicap our producers and increase prices on the consumer. I will also prioritize holding China, Mexico, and other predatory nations accountable – to ensure that every Georgia farmer can compete on a level playing field.

At the federal level, I plan to put a strong emphasis on working with federal counterparts to cut red tape and deliver fast relief to struggling farmers in the wake of a disaster. With a renewed partnership with national disaster agencies, we will be able to put more boots on the ground, secure immediate relief funding, and ensure our producers get the aid they need to recover in record time. In addition, I’ll fight to ensure the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) regulations from the Obama administration that burdened our family farmers don’t return to our state and work hard to prevent tax policies, such as the death tax, that can put an end to the family farm.  

I’ll also push to make long-term investments in our agriculture community to keep Georgia globally competitive in the long-term. Not only will I partner with schools and community stakeholders to cultivate the next generation of Georgia agriculture through agricultural education, I’ll also leverage public and private partnerships to fund rural broadband and other emerging technologies. With an education pipeline in place, supported by modern infrastructure, Georgia’s agriculture industry will continue to anchor our state and lead the nation in production.


Finally, as Agriculture Commissioner, I will always fight to defend our conservative values and advance the America First Agenda. I will stand up against radical liberal efforts to open our borders, nationalize our elections, defund the police, pass abortion-on-demand, and outlaw guns. I stand for smaller government, less taxes, and individual liberties—and I’ll always fight for those things. 

As a 7th generation farmer, I know firsthand the challenges that thousands of local and family-owned farms face every day across our state. I know firsthand how the liberal agenda is working to end our way of life for conservatives across every community. This state needs a strong, conservative fighter who will stand up for our agriculture industry and stand up to the radical Left at every turn. 

For over 200 years, my family has called Georgia home, instilling those farm values in each generation, working to make our state a better place to live, work, and raise a family. As your Agriculture Commissioner, I will always fight for those values, fight for Georgia’s farmers, Georgia’s consumers, and our way of life. Simply put, sometimes, it takes a farmer.  

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