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AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

We now know what we always suspected in the beginning. The Covid-19 virus was leaked from a lab in Wuhan that caused chaos worldwide. The death and destruction of Covid-19 was used as a political weapon and millions of lives were lost in the process. President Trump called it in the very beginning. He instinctively knew the origin behind the virus, and he was fearless in presenting this truth to the American people.


According to a memo released by the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, Fauci not only waved away concerns that the virus was a lab leak, knowing this was not the case, but also paved the way for ridicule and punishment of anyone would push back on his “faux medical propaganda campaign."

The revelations revealed by the Congressional Subcommittee investigating the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic showed that the misinformation surrounding the lab theory and blatant suppression was intentional. CNN suppressed this. Dr. Fauci suppressed this. In so doing,

Fauci lied to those he swore to take care of, namely the American people.

The reports now clearly show that the media’s most beloved, Dr. Fauci, commissioned the “Proximal Origins” paper, to dismiss the theory that the virus originated from a lab in Wuhan. Fauci desperately used a premier scientific journal, “Nature” to spread his lies, while thousands of Americans were dying around the country.

This was more than cognitive bias. Professional researchers aided and abetted those with a political agenda in 2020. That political agenda – which overtime will become clearer and clearer, was ensuring Trump did not win reelection by politically weaponizing the Covid-19 pandemic and continually placing the blame on his Administration.

It is an utmost disgrace that those in the medical and scientific field were bought off by Dr. Fauci, and quite possibly the Chinese, to execute a narrative on the Covid-19 virus that was far from the truth. In fact, they led a blatant and full-bore Soviet-era campaign to censor and punish anyone who would question their bogus and politically advantageous assertions. Full stop.


The question remains why? Why would so many “experts” and top news outlets go to such great lengths to suppress and dismiss a plausible theory that would have allowed for an efficient response and plan of attack against the virus.

I trained in my medical career during the onset of HIV and AIDS. Based on that experience, the virus’ behavior, and ongoing gain-of-function research around the world, I sensed this was a weaponized viral attack and remained resolute in my response.

As a physician, healthcare executive, and President Trump’s US Ambassador to Iceland, we at the US Embassy Reykjavik had no time to point fingers. Sworn to protect our US citizens and Embassy, the US Embassy in Reykjavik took immediate action at the outbreak of the pandemic.

We were the first US Embassy and the first Icelandic business facility to be a fully remote workplace. We immediately instituted protocols for temperature screening and masking, while never shutting down our essential work. We finished our new US Embassy in Reykjavik with no Covid-19 infections.

Aided by the brave team we assembled and fearless American contractors who came to Iceland to finish an essential construction project, we created a brand-new US Embassy to lead the charge in the great power struggle of the High North.

Our US Embassy Reykjavik media team also aggressively pushed back, following President Trump’s smart leadership, advocating for the correct origins of Covid-19, and calling out the Chinese Communist Party. Ironically, we were also pushing back on the “False Fauci Nature Narrative” which Fauci was putting forth as it intuitively and objectively made no sense.


Many Americans are still healing from the emotional wounds of the last three years. From losing loved ones, forced lockdowns, mental health issues, developmental delays, and being forced to choose a vaccination or losing their livelihoods. We all have watched and experienced the pain and suffering of what American, and fellow Nevada citizens have endured.

Our children have been hurt. Their education blunted, their social skills stunted, and parents’ authority confronted by Fauci and those trying to cover up the greatest disaster in American history.

While America and our Nevada citizens bravely battled for their families and their loved ones, Fauci lied, and led a team of disinformation experts, unethical scientists and unpatriotic bureaucrats who will be remembered for misleading America in our greatest time of need.

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