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America’s Trojan Horse

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It might be time for America to take a page or two from Homer’s "The Iliad." We all remember the Greeks’ ultimate goal was the destruction of Troy, yet how could the Trojans not see this coming? Americans should be asking ourselves the same thing as it relates to China.


With offerings of cheap labor and less costly materials, China has lured in businesses over the years looking to capitalize and make profits. At the height of the housing boom, American builders had to declare bankruptcy when it was discovered the Chinese-made drywalls exuded toxic gasses, endangering the health of the homeowners. Cheaply produced dog treats from China were killing America’s best friends. Chinese made fentanyl has flowed freely across our borders, killing our youth. Meanwhile, unsuspecting Americans easily surrender their DNA to companies like 23 & Me. These ancestry companies, subsidized by powerhouses like Huawei, gained unlimited access to the genetic codes of millions of Americans.

Chinese companies negotiate 5G in other countries by slipping a piece of paper across the table with an offer at half the asking value. Who would turn down a proposal that lucrative? What company could compete in that market? By building smart cities worldwide, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) can gain unlimited access to data streaming through their network. Whatever the CCP cannot collect through 5G, they can quickly obtain it through TikTok. In turn, TikTok leaves a backdoor to collect every keystroke made by the 80 million users in the United States. 


At the same time, more than 300,000 Chinese students studying abroad at American universities have access to billions of dollars in research for industry and the Department of Defense. Chinese balloons hover over strategic sites in the United States with sophisticated ground penetrating radar and sensors recording radio frequency signatures, all while Chinese businesses buy land near U.S. military bases. Skeptics may write off this land grab as a sound investment strategy, dismissing the fact that Chinese business owners are required to join the CCP or face consequences. Just ask Jack Ma, CEO of Ali Baba, who mysteriously disappeared for a few months when he was out of sorts with the CCP. 

The bottom line is – the CCP has been a brutal and corrupt regime from the beginning. 

Unfortunately, the wooden horse is already inside the gates, but America is not sobering up to reality. While China is buying up valuable rare earth mineral sources in Africa and the Middle East and gaining access to the Panama Canal, the Biden Administration turns a blind eye. Most recently, the CCP increased military spending by $230 billion, an increase of 7.1% for preparedness. And yet, what does the Administration do? They released a new National Cybersecurity Strategy delineating clean energy and equity while never mentioning the Continuity of Operations in case of a nationwide network outage. America’s Trojan horse is a dragon devouring our way of life. Because of our complacency, the CCP’s 100-year marathon to replace the United States as the world’s superpower is well ahead of schedule. 


I joined Unleash America as its Honorary Chairman because we need leaders to stand up to countries like China. Individuals that will exercise strong leadership on the world stage and show American strength. 

We must reinvest in American manufacturing, lessening our dependence on China’s cheap and inhumane labor. We must properly arm our military with the weapons, technology, and training necessary to compete with China’s advances. We must elect leaders that won’t appease Xi Jinping. 

We must confront China through aggressive signaling before it’s too late. 

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