Moving Forward Doesn’t Mean Funding Planned Parenthood for President Obama’s Daughters

Posted: Aug 04, 2012 12:01 AM
Moving Forward Doesn’t Mean Funding Planned Parenthood for President Obama’s Daughters

Editor's note: This column was authored by Catherine Glenn Foster, Litigation Counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom.

It seems that every day the effects of the culture of death on our society are more and more obvious, and more and more gruesome. Just take the continued funding of Planned Parenthood with taxpayer dollars.

This ongoing controversy was highlighted recently when President Barack Obama declared yet again that he wants to continue pumping our hard-earned money into Planned Parenthood. Why? So it will still be around to perform abortions for daughters if they want one.

He drew a contrast with his political opponent, Gov. Mitt Romney, saying, “Mr. Romney wants to get rid of funding for Planned Parenthood. I think that’s a bad idea. I’ve got two daughters. I want them to control their own health care choices.”

To that end, President Obama asserted, “We’re not going backwards, we’re going forwards.”

But is it really going forward to prolong taxpayer funding of an organization that exists almost exclusively to kill innocent children, an organization where over 90% of the pregnant women who walk in, come back out without their baby? Is it really going forward to prop up “Big Abortion” so it will be there should one of your own daughters decide to have her preborn child killed?

Such thoughts should be chilling to the rational mind.

Remember that Planned Parenthood received nearly $400 million in taxpayer funds during the first year of the Obama administration, and nearly $500 million the following year. That’s well over a million dollars a day. With that kind of funding, the abortion giant was able to perform almost 330,000 abortions in 2010 alone.

In other words, President Obama has already been hard at work to make sure Planned Parenthood is around if his daughters want it. But between now and the day they might call upon the abortion giant for services, hundreds of thousands of other daughters across the country are lying on a Planned Parenthood gurney “[controlling] their own healthcare choices” at the expense of their preborn child—a child they usually aren’t even given full information about by the Planned Parenthood employee who is preying on them.

I don’t know about President Obama, but I want better than that for my daughters. I wanted better than that for Tonya Reaves, the young mother who recently died on a Chicago Planned Parenthood gurney thanks to a botched abortion and clinic staff who tried to cover up their mistakes instead of helping her.

All women deserve better than that. No woman should be lying on that gurney in an essentially unregulated clinic, where Planned Parenthood lawsuits have scared the government into keeping their hands off even the most basic, common-sense sanitation and safety regulations.

The culture of death is taking a toll on all of us. From the preborn children Planned Parenthood kills and then pulverizes, or throws in the dumpster, to the women it maims in the process, and even to the leader of the free world who wants Planned Parenthood around so his daughters can avail themselves of its “services.”

It’s time to end funding for the abortion giant. That’s what would truly be a step forward—for life.

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