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Cain drips details of harassment charges, vows innocence

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After initially denying any recollection of the incidents surrounding charges of inappropriate interactions with women who worked under him more than a decade ago, White House hopeful Herman Cain is slowly dripping out details of what happened.


On Fox News Monday night, the businessman told host Greta Van Susteren he could not even remember the name of one of the women who worked in the Washington office of the National Restaurant Association, which Cain led for more than two years in the late 1990s.

"But I do remember the formal allegations she made in terms of sexual harassment," Cain said, again denying he did anything inappropriate.

"I have never sexually harassed anybody in my life. And this formal charge was made. And then once it was made, I recused myself and turned it over to my general counsel and one of the other executives that worked for me," Cain said, continuing his insistence that the charges were bogus.

He said he was trying to remember what happened.

"All day today, as I've been getting beat up, I've been trying to recall what some of those things were and haven't been able to recall a lot of them because that's why they got dismissed," he said, referring to the questions thrown his way after Politico broke the story Sunday.

"But here's the one incident that I recall as the day has gone on. She was in my office one day, and I made a gesture saying, Oh -- and I was standing close to her. And I made a gesture, You're the same height as my wife, and brought my hand -- didn't touch her -- up to my chin and said, You're the same height of my wife because my wife comes up to my chin, my wife of 43 years," he told Van Susteren.


Cain was also asked about the amount of money given the women to settle the dispute, and he said it was probably about two to three months salary.

"But I can't guarantee that it was two months or three months. I just know it was well within the range of what we would do if we had an amicable separation between the association and an employee," he said.

At the National Press Club earlier in the day, Cain said he knew nothing about a financial deal with the women.

"I am unaware of any kind of settlement. I hope it wasn't for much, because I didn't do anything. But the fact of the matter is, I'm not aware of a settlement that came out of that accusation," Cain told the audience.

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