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Huntsman: Obama Has Failed America

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Newly minted presidential candidate Jon Huntsman said Tuesday President Barack Obama has failed the nation economically and internationally.

Huntsman also told Fox News’ Sean Hannity he no longer believes Obama is a remarkable leader, a claim he made in a letter after he was made ambassador to China.


“I think he has failed in a number of ways. Both in terms of economic governance and stewardship and also internationally. I wrote that after I was appointed. I thought he was a remarkable leader for appointing a Republican to a position as important and sensitive as a U.S. ambassadorship to China,” Huntsman said. “And listen, during a time of war, and economic hardship, I'm the kind of person that is going to stand up and serve my country. I'm going to take that philosophy to my grave. And I hope my sons do the same thing. It's something I've always believed in and where you can get in a unique and in a sensitive position, make your country a little bit better.”

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