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Ron Paul sticker riles ranger at Kings Mountain National Military Park

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BLACKSBURG, S.C. — Kings Mountain National Military Park has promised to respect visitors’ free speech rights after a man says he was told to leave the park over a car decal promoting presidential candidate Ron Paul’s political group.

Jack Faw, a 73-year-old Virginia resident whose ancestors fought in the Battle of Kings Mountain, claims that park ranger Eugene Rife told him he couldn’t display a 3-foot-long Campaign for Liberty decal on the rear window of his car when he visited the park May 6. Erin Broadbent, the park superintendent, called the incident an unfortunate misunderstanding.

“Mr. Faw was never asked to leave the park,” Broadbent said Wednesday. “The ranger just wanted to make sure that Mr. Faw was not going to be soliciting. This was just a total misunderstanding. It had absolutely nothing to do with the political stance at all.”

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