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Rep. Camp: House GOP Sticking with Ryan Plan

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House Ways and Means Committee Chairman David Camp says the GOP should stick with Rep. Paul Ryan's budget plan as congressional Democrats have not offered an alternative. Camp also told Fox News' Neal Cavuto on Wednesday that he wants an "up-or-down vote" on the proposal. "Look, we have a plan — I have not seen any plan from the Democrats . . . They have not offered anything," Camp said. "OK, if this is such a bad proposal, what is their proposal? And when people do get that we have a debt problem — when we look at spending — two-thirds of that is entitlement mandatory spending, so you cannot actually get there without reforms that will make these programs sustainable for the long run, not just for today’s seniors, but well into the future.

"So, we are having a public discussion on this," he said. "Obviously, the Senate has done nothing with this, but we need to continue that discussion — because it is real."

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