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Ever since rogue George Soros-backed Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg set his sights on Donald J. Trump, Democrats have been wagging their tongues like a blind dog’s tail in a meat market…pining away for the day our 45th (and likely 47th) President would be humiliated by having to endure getting a mugshot at an arraignment.


It didn’t happen under Alvin Bragg, as he was indicted for supposedly paying hush money to “actress” Stormy Daniels. Nor was Trump subjected to a mugshot as Federal Special Counsel Jack Smith arraigned him (sidebar: Smith is literally the twin of Kryptonian villain General Zod, as essayed by actor Terrance Stamp inSuperman: The Movie, but I digress) for allegedly mishandling classified documents at his home in Florida’s Mar-A-Lago resort. Ditto on charges 45 had interfered with the results of the 2020 election by somehow encouraging events of January 6th.

But this past Thursday, Democrats at long last grabbed their brass ring: President Trump—turning himself in to face charges by a Georgia grand jury orchestrated by Atlanta district attorney Fani Willis—was subjected to a mugshot by a Lilliputian sheriff called Patrick Labat. Unlike most actual law enforcement officials in this country who see their job as mainly enforcing laws and bringing criminals to justice (where they are then routinely released without bond by clowns like Alvin Bragg in the name of “social justice”), Labat took it upon himself to preen for the cameras, pacing around the Fulton County jail like some banty rooster issuing warnings that when he got his hands on Donald J. Trump he’d guarantee that a mugshot would take place. 

Appearing on camera with documented Trump hater Jim Acosta on CNN, Sheriff Labat declared: “We don’t give any leniency simply because of your status.” He added with a smarmy smirk on his face, “We treat everybody equally.” That equal treatment included having Labat’s name and a fake Sherriff’s badge superimposed over the shoulder of Donald Trump as the mugshot was taken, which apparently was designed to suggest “I gotcha” as the President was in his clutches for approximately 15 minutes. Pathetic self-promotion in the name of “equal treatment.”


Of course, Sheriff Labat’s handiwork was then rocketed to media outlets, who breathlessly plastered the mugshot on TV screens, websites, and newspaper front pages. Ever-classless CNN added a final touch on Kaitlin Collins’ bottom-rated prime time program: a Chyron on the lower-third of the screen referred to the former President of the United States as “PO1135809”…the moniker Labat gave him in the Fulton County database.

Real Americans—whether or not they supported Donald J. Trump in the past or plan to vote for him in his current 2024 campaign—were saddened by this entire spectacle. Our nation’s onetime Chief Executive and leader of the Free World is, of course, the most-photographed man on Earth. I know from my personal travels to remote areas of Liberia and Guatemala and to the Indian slums in Mumbai and Hyderabad that there is virtually nowhere on our planet where anyone has not heard of Donald Trump or would be unable to identify a picture of him.

So the reality is there was no legitimate reason to subject Donald J. Trump—or our entire nation—to a humiliating mugshot, especially not one stupidly emblazoned like a Democratic Party direct mail card with Sheriff Labat’s name and logo. But as good Democrats, Patrick Labat and Fani Willis finally delivered the Holy Grail of all Leftist liberals: Donald Trump’s mugshot.

On CNN and—of course—MSNBC, the “anchors” celebrated this event as if they had just won the Showcase Showdown on The Price Is Right: lots of pious chatter about how “the system finally worked” and the hackneyed “No man is above the law” bromide…as if indicting and arraigning President Trump wouldn’t have made that point unless MSNBC had that disgraceful mugshot to wave around.


Personally, I think if there were actual justice in America, there would be mugshots of Al Sharpton, Nicolle Wallace, Joy Reid, Lawrence O’Donnell, and other miscreants from MSNBC who, in every TV appearance, do more to taint democracy than President Trump AND the “insurrectionists” (LOL!) on January 6th ever came close to equaling.

But the Democrat mugging of America was just getting ramped up: our nation was now fodder for shaming overseas. A friend of mine in London sent me an iPhone image of a newsstand featuring tabloid papers with the enlarged mugshot on their front pages, including London’s Evening Standard emblazoned with the headline “Inmate PO1135809.” The popular Jerusalem news website All displayed the mugshot alongside Trump’s statement that it represented “a very sad day for America, and it should never happen.” The same scenario repeated on TV, radio, and in print from Germany to Australia…from Ghana to El Salvador. Trump’s—and America’s—humiliation at the hands of the Democratic Party is now complete.

The big question is: where do we go now? Thanks in no small measure to Sheriff Labat, American leaders will henceforth be laughed at if they criticize Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping for locking up and humiliating their political opponents. Not to mention the spectacles about to unfold as multiple criminal trials await President Trump… diverting time, energy, and resources he should be devoted to his 2024 campaign (in which he continues to crush all rivals in public opinion polls. Sorry, Dems.)

One thing’s for sure: we can’t put this genie back in the bottle. The image of the United States of America has been irreparably and permanently damaged around the globe by not only our weaponized Justice Department but also by the criminally irresponsible actions of sluggards like Fulton County Sheriff Patrick Labat and the bottom-feeding media jackals who enable him and celebrate dragging our nation through the slime.


America has never needed our prayers—and the righteous indignation we can express at the Ballot Box—more than it does this very day. So pray for our nation. Please.

Tom Tradup is VP/News and talk Programming for Dallas-based Salem Radio Network. He can be reached


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