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I almost (but not quite) feel sorry for our friends in the Democratic Party. They seemed to have everything going for them heading into the upcoming Midterm elections.


Despite the historical fact that voters always favor the party out of power in biennial elections, Democrats were giddy when GOP primary voters nominated candidates like Kari Lake (running for governor in Arizona)…Georgia U.S. Senate nominee Herschel Walker… and Tiffany Smiley, a first-time candidate seeking to become governor of Washington State. Dems assumed smearing each of these hopefuls as “MAGA Republicans” would send them into oblivion.

Then there was President Joe “gas in California has always cost $7 a gallon” Biden bouncing back from the summertime doldrums with a nationally televised in-kind contribution spending tax dollars like a drunken sailor on shore leave as “semi-fascists.” Lapdogs in Democrat headquarters and the national media (but I repeat myself) cheered this commentary billed as “Biden’s window into the soul of our nation.”

Another high point for Democrats was the unprecedented armed FBI raid on the Florida home of former President Donald J. Trump. Agents pawed through Trump’s Mar-A-Lago residence…rifling through his wife Melania’s underwear drawer and son Barron’s closets. All in the name of “recovering” documents supposedly belonging to the National Archives. I’d bet $50 there aren’t twelve people in America who ever even heard of the National Archives, much less care if documents are missing from it. (If I’m wrong, please explain how Bill Clinton’s national security advisor Sandy Berger was allowed to remove documents from the same National Archives by—documented—stuffing them down his pants and into his socks, yet no armed FBI agents ever raided Berger’s home.) But I digress. 


Finally, there were/are the never-ending House Select Committee hearings into the January 6th riots at the U.S. Capitol, chaired by Liz (“I- support-democracy-until-the-voters-in-my-own-Congressional-District- kick-me-to-the-curb-by-a-40-POINT-MARGIN”) Cheney. Oh, sure, the real Chairman is Benny Thompson of Mississippi…but common. Can anyone cite even one sentence he’s uttered during this ongoing Kangaroo Court? Everyone sees the “committee” for what it is: a thinly-disguised platform for Liz Cheney and fellow bed-wetter Adam Kinzinger to smear Donald Trump. Period. End.

With all those key factors as a backdrop, how could Dems lose on November 8th? Especially since all the pre-election polls point to the continuing strength of Democrats from coast-to-coast. And now the activist arm of the party—MSNBC, Chuck Todd on MEET THE PRESS, the Washington Post, and the Associated Press—are kicking into high gear in an all-out effort to boost Democrats next month. (Sunday’s MEET THE PRESS, for example, featured this “balanced” guest list: Florida Democrat Stephanie Murphy of the Cheney Inquisition Committee… Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, no comment needed… and Utah “independent” candidate Evan McMuffin, who hopes to unseat GOP incumbent Senator Mike Lee. Good lineup by “journalist” Chuck Todd.)

Unfortunately, polls don’t vote. And MSNBC’s dozens of viewers won’t have much impact…despite snarling Tazmanian Devils like hosts Katie Phang, the Rev. Al Sharpton, and Tiffany Cross delivering non-stop hysteria on their programs trying to scare voters into backing Democrats at all cost.


What eludes the Left as November 8th approaches is that most average Americans (a) don’t hate America or think anyone who criticizes Joe Biden is a “semi-fascist (b) TV newscasters can parrot Administration talking points all day long but we nevertheless see the frightening explosion of crime in our cities and continuing infestation of illegals pouring across our Southern border and (c) we’ll vote with our wallets as the prices of a gallon of gas or a six-pack of Oscar Mayer weiners are now rivaling a coach plane ticket to New York City…in the unlikely event anyone ever wants to go there again!

Although LSU superfan and Democrat strategist James Carville long ago devolved into a visage of the villain Skeletor on the TV kid's show “Masters of the Universe,” he will always be remembered for uttering the famous phrase heading into the 1992 Presidential election: “It’s the ECONOMY, stupid.”

Remembered that is by everyone except Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, AOC, and Adam Schiff. In their world, skyrocketing inflation and crime on the streets pale in importance next to Transgender athletes being welcomed to compete with females for scholarships…Drag Queen Story Hour foisted upon innocent kindergarteners…violent criminals being released from jail before their victims even arrive at the hospital…and spending every waking hour obsessing over Donald J. Trump. The hourglass is seeping out of sand for this crowd.


The Democratic messages to Midterm voters are fairly simple: Energy independence? Who needs it? Want your children or your wife not to be raped or killed? You’re a racist. Voting for Kari Lake (on track to win in Arizona) or Herschel Walker (neck-and-neck with pro-abortion Senator Raphael Warnock in Georgia)? You’re a semi-fascist. That’s about it. Democrats see moderate voters as knuckle-draggers unable to comprehend how awesome their “woke agenda” is.

This is why I’m fairly confident that Americans—whose innate common sense will allow them to separate the wheat from the chaff as Election Day approaches—will once again rise in three weeks and (gasp) Make America Great Again by throwing the current nest of vipers out of the office from Capitol Hill to their local courthouses. Oh, and we also know deep down that even in California gasoline has not “always been $7 a gallon.” (Maybe Biden heard that one from Corn Pop before he faced him down in that street fight years ago.)

The coming Red Tsunami will be powered in large part by the competing visions of Democrats vs. voters. Democrats stupidly believe this election will turn on the abortion issue and any restrictions whatsoever placed on their grisly “choice” for baby killing. Meantime, voters are still challenged by the Biden/Pelosi/Warnock/Fetterman economy to be able to find store shelves with baby food on them…to feed the infants they already have.


Unfortunately for Democrats, the Midterms are likely to send them the unmistakable message that Americans—as always—embrace a culture of life over death.

Tom Tradup is VP/News & Talk Programming at Dallas-based SALEM Radio Network. He can be reached at

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