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Pray for Joe Manchin

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Lost in the nationwide grieving by the mainstream media over the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse on all charges stemming from defending himself against violent rioters last summer in Kenosha, Wisconsin was the U.S. House’s passage Friday of the most massive consumer fraud since Bernie Madoff gave creative accounting advice to crooks at Enron.

I’m referring, of course, to the fraudulently-named “Build Back Better” bill …which should more accurately be described as the “Biden-Harris-Pelosi  Blueprint for Bankrupting America while Encouraging N’er-do Wells to Sit At Home Drinking Colt .45 Malt Liquor and Watching Netflix while Attaching Themselves like Barnacles to Hard Working Taxpayers” Act.   Kinda long for a bumper sticker, but Joe wants to destroy all gas-powered cars anyway.

Tuning in to C-SPAN Friday and watching Speaker Pelosi and AOC and members of The Squad and the Congressional Black Caucus literally gyrating and hula-dancing on the floor of the House after stabbing

331-million Americans in the back with their Leviathan of out-of-control spending was a depressing sight to behold. A raucous celebration of how they had just taken the first step in a process which would condemn untold, unborn generations of Americans to crushing debt while they fed their lust for power surely represented one of the darkest days in American political history.

Biden and his soulless automatons in the House keep prevaricating that Build Back Better “is fully funded and won’t add one cent to the Federal deficit.”  Secondly, the pricetag for this outrageous spending spree has been fixed by Democrats—and their handmaidens in the media like Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow and Wolfe Blitzer—at “$1.7-trillion.” 100% false and they know it.

If the U.S. Senate (that’s where your prayers for Joe Manchin are urgently needed) rubber stamps this atomic suppository for taxpayers just passed by the U.S. House, the actual price tag—and this is a VERY conservative estimate—will be just shy of $5-trillion. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget pegs to cost at $4.9-trillion if temporary tax credits and programs are made permanent through 2031.  So Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and AOC and the rest of the irresponsible budget arsonists on Capitol Hill were deceptively sneaky with their protestations that BBB would “not add a single penny to the deficit.”  Right. It will add a minimum of $1.5-trillion in deficits over just the first five years.

But that’s only the beginning of the non-stop wasteful spending Democrats plan to octopus-wire throughout America. If the floodgates of the U.S. Treasury are flung open, look for Enhanced Child Tax Credits, Free College Tuition, and Expanded Broadband Connections for teepees on Tribal Lands. Like Dr. Mengele crafting newer and more evil ways to vivisect humans during the Third Reich, Pelosi and her Fifth Columnists used sneaky Washington budget tricks like “sunsetting” programs after a few years and funneling money to their union cronies like Randi Weingarten and the UAW through “pilot programs” which would allow Democratic tentacles to wrap around the Free Enterprise system and crush it like a grape.

More subsidies for ObamaCare..more Federal tax dollars siphoned from the taxpayers to help fund baby-killers like Planned Parenthood. The sky’s the limit. Why stop at Universal Pre-K? Why not slip in subsidies for more giant John Kerry-approved windmills and free electric shopping carts for Seniors. And since they nightly defend and give nodding approval of the insane Biden Administration plan to give $450,000-per-person to illegal aliens who broke our laws sneaking into the United States, no reason for Pelosi to think she can’t count on the “media” to support additional doles and reparations for Antifa and BLM rioters who may have cut themselves or gotten hangnails while looting and burning liquor stores and minimarts across the nation. When it comes to House Democrats, there is literally no idea too nutty or too farfetched to not make the basis for another Build Back Better boondoggle.

So now BBB slithers across the Capitol, where literally the only person standing between the America we all love and the nightmare of a Red Dawn brought on by “Build Back Better” is the senior senator from West Virginia Joe Manchin.

Throughout the Summer Manchin resisted pressure from The White House (although that’s minimal at best since compared to Joe Biden a busboy at Denny’s is a more imposing figure) and Democrats in Congress (Manchin would be more scared of an elderly Walmart greeter wearing a “How May I Help You?” vest than any of the nonentities in the Democratic Senate Caucus.) He’s even ignored screaming lunatics who yelled at him on his houseboat Almost Heaven moored in D.C. and another band who temporarily blocked his car. Riddle me this:  is there no security for U.S. Senators anymore?

Manchin is “skeptical” of adding to the deficit. And he’s no fan of an Administration that has declared war on coal…his home state’s #1 industry.  If he stands on principle and means what he keeps saying, his “no” vote will be enough to “Kill Back Better” on the spot. But he is—after all—a Democrat.

In the old parable of the frog and the fire ant, a frog was asked by a venomous fire ant to carry him across a raging river. “No,” said the frog, “because if I do you’ll sting me with your toxic venom.” But the fire ant protested, “I won’t. If I did, we’d both drown.” So the frog started across the water and at the halfway point, the fire ant stung him. As he began to sink, the frog cried,  “Why did you sting me?”  And the fire ant replied, “It’s just my nature.”

Scripture calls on us to pray for our leaders. So I am lifting up Joe Manchin in prayer. He needs to be covered in prayers especially in the midst of this budget crisis in Washington. I pray—and encourage you to join me—that Senator Manchin would receive God’s wisdom and defy the skeptics who think he’ll “cave in the end.”  Let’s all pray for his strength to stand up to unGodly pressures and with his single, powerful vote pull America back from the abyss.

Tom Tradup as V.P./News & Talk Programming for Dallas-based SALEM Radio Network. He can be reached at

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