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It is now official: Hell has frozen over.

On more than a half-dozen occasions, I have shared with you my outrage over the biased, anti-Trump slant of the Associated Press. No major newspaper or broadcast media outlet in America is immune to the AP’s tentacles reaching into the nation’s newsrooms with ever- more-hysterical examples of Yellow Journalism disguised as “news.” (Full disclosure: my Salem Radio Network’s 24/7 SRN News and News services are AP subscribers and—thus—must devote considerable staff time to ferreting out the actual news within AP’s unending distribution of anti-Trump screeds which apparently must meet fewer standards of objectivity than your average high school newspaper or free neighborhood PennySaver.)

Example: during President Trump’s comments at his Rose Garden speech withdrawing the United States from the so-called Paris Climate Accords, he correctly observed that he was elected “to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris.” AP’s Jill Colvin and Julie Pace then raced to file their “coverage” of the President’s speech, breathlessly offering this analysis: “Allegheny County was won by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the November election. In Pittsburgh, Clinton won 114,847 votes, while Trump won 31,805.”

Oddly, most of us were under the impression that a President is supposed to represent the interests of all Americans, not just those who supported him. But like their acolytes in what’s left of the Democratic Party, the AP never misses an opportunity to buy into the balkanization of America…stabbing its own credibility in its displays of naked bias against Donald Trump at every opportunity.

So AP long ago abandoned any semblance of journalistic ethics. In what they like to refer to as “the age of Trump,” anything goes if AP thinks it will somehow make the President look bad.

But incredibly, the AP has now been eclipsed in its shameful bias by the onetime pioneer of cable news, CNN. (Second full disclosure: my radio network partnered with CNN during the broadcast of four 2016 GOP Presidential debates; back then, I was impressed by CNN’s solid staff, its professionalism and the men and women we interacted with during each of our broadcasts.) Sometime after Donald Trump captured the Presidency, however, the wheels came off the “old” CNN and it has increasingly morphed into a 24-hour depressing, one-note rant against Donald Trump.

The network which Ted Turner once promised would be the gold standard of journalism has, sadly, devolved into what I call “Reverse Alchemy”: they have turned gold into lead.

Don Lemon—whom President Trump accurately describes as “perhaps the dumbest person in broadcasting”—presides over a nightly “news” program that is the linear equivalent of the old Jerry Springer show, minus the Klansmen and feuding landlords. Non-stop Trump-bashing with six-person panels all acting as myna birds parroting any absurd thing Lemon throws at the President.

CNN’s “New Day” anchor Chris Cuomo (always good to have the son and brother of Democratic governors of New York in the anchor chair of an objective “news” program) used his national platform last week in a juvenile, embarrassing segment wherein he and FOX turncoat Alisyn Camerota badgered young Scripps spelling bee champion Ananya Vinay into defining the word “covfefe” (a typo in one of Donald Trump’s recent Tweets.) Hilarious: dragooning a 12-year-old as an on-camera prop in CNN’s dopey quest to mock President Trump at every turn.

And then there was the capper: CNN’s New Year’s Eve star Kathy Griffin thinking it was “comedy” to appear—ISIS-like—on camera holding up what appeared to be the severed, bloody head of President Trump. This one was a no-brainer for the average viewer anywhere in the civilized world. But CNN instead engaged in prolonged, tortured, pants-wetting deliberations for hours before finally jettisoning Griffin from future broadcasts.

What must THOSE discussions have sounded like? (“Gee, holding up an image of the bloody head of the President of the United States IS an all-time low in bad taste….but we’re CNN and if we fire Kathy it might look as if we’re supporting Trump. What SHOULD we do, guys? We need to get past this so we can get back to hectoring 12-year-olds on NEW DAY to try and embarrass Trump. Yeah, let’s fire her and just move on…”)

Personally, I have nothing but pity for the people I know who still are employed at CNN. It must be tough dragging yourself to work at a place so obsessed with distorting the facts and presenting such one-sided on-air broadcasts where the #1 goal every day—week in and week out—is nothing less than to vilify the man who won 306 electoral votes and captured the Presidency with a concise, easy-to-understand message: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

But rather than suffering more agita by watching CNN’s hysterically biased Trump-bashing any longer, I’m adopting the outlook of Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather: “It makes no difference to me how a man makes his living, as long as his interests don’t conflict with mine.

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