Being a Part of the Oil Boom

Posted: Oct 03, 2014 12:01 AM
Being a Part of the Oil Boom

The oil and gas business has always had an air of romance about it. Fortunes made; fortunes lost. We remember some of the big names of generations past. Men who transformed our nation and made society as we know it today possible. Getty, Sinclair, Skelly, Rockefeller, Phillips.

But like any matured industry, oil and gas today is scientific. Calculated. High-tech. Big Business.

I don’t know about you, but I’d go 10 miles out of my way to shop at little Daugherty’s Drug store up on Royal Lane in Dallas, before I’d go 2 blocks to muddle through Wal Mart. Now, I have nothing against the nation’s largest retailer. They’ve made their mark. But I miss local specialty stores. Places where they say, “Thank you Mr. Miller. See you next time.” Where they ask about your kids, and really mean it.

There’s a similar parallel in the oil and gas business. Particularly around investing in it. One question we hear a lot on Powering America Radio is how can people invest in this boom? Where can they potentially make money? Where is someone who might even know your name?

I know of just such a place, and they happen to be one of my partners in the show. Crude Energy, and if you’d like to talk to the guy in charge, his name is Parker Hallam. Crude offers working interests and royalty interests to accredited investors. This is a way to participate directly in the shale oil revolution without having to deal with a big company that could be impersonal and uninterested in what you want to accomplish.

Crude is like a custom clothier. Or like a restaurant where you always have a table waiting. It’s all about what you want to accomplish. What your goals are. What makes sense and what are you comfortable doing.

And with that, it’s a great way to look at owning passive monthly cash flow from this incredible boom that is transforming America and the world. If you’d like more information, the best thing to do is to contact them through their website contact box here. They’ll take it from there. And at Crude, the door is always open and the Keurig coffee is always fresh.

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