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AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

The nation anxiously awaits the upcoming decision from the Supreme Court in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. At issue is the constitutionality of Mississippi’s law that bans abortion after fifteen weeks of gestational age. It is expected that the high court will uphold the law and, in turn, either overturn Roe or seriously modify it.


In panic mode, abortion proponents assert that the end of Roe will result in the victimization of women. However, those on the front lines of the fight for life know the truth. A ruling that ends Roe will usher in a new era of freedom from the enslavement that the abortion mentality has imposed on America.

The left’s proclamations that women will be victimized if Roe is overturned ignore the magnanimous work of nearly 3,000 pro-life pregnancy centers and medical clinics. The charitable work of these centers provides – free of charge – medical and non-medical services, hope and life-affirming options to mothers who feel alone and powerless.

Pregnancy centers also provide expectant mothers with an abundance of essential resources ranging from diapers, vitamins, clothing and parenting classes to postpartum care. The long-term relationships pregnancy centers build with mothers, fathers and families empower the choice of life. Women helped by these agencies of mercy consistently report the highest level of satisfaction. 

Testimonies tell us that many women experiencing unplanned pregnancies would choose life-affirming options if given the opportunity. The choice to have an abortion can be accompanied by feelings of pain, regret and isolation. Many women who have chosen abortion say they felt they had “no other choice.”

Will the end of Roe result in the dire consequences claimed by abortion advocates? The answer to this question can be found in the thousands of stories told by women who have been helped by pregnancy centers.


One story told by a young woman named Amory goes as follows:

“I felt really alone, scared … at that time, it really did feel like just darkness everywhere. I felt like I needed to reach out to someone, so honestly, I just did a Google search on my phone to try and find what was out there. That’s how I found out about Liberty Women’s Clinic. I felt really sick. I just remember feeling terrified that I was going to be, you know, judged and that it was going to be a horrible experience.

“When I got there, I met Missy [a nurse] and she was the exact opposite of judgemental and all the things I thought it was going to be. … I was very thankful that they were informative and helpful in that regard. I remember staring at the screen and seeing his little heartbeat. And that was the moment for me…it lit up my world. …

“I do feel that, if I [hadn’t] gone to the clinic, I would have continued to be up and down on that emotional rollercoaster, whereas my second and third trimesters I was actually able to – you know – enjoy my pregnancy and be happy about becoming a mom. 

“When you are going through times like that, sometimes just having someone to talk to is big. If I [had not] sought help there, I don’t think I would have come out of that darkness as quickly as I did. …

“I’m so thankful for [my son], and I’m thankful that – even though it was a dark time – it has turned into something so beautiful … I love him so much.”


The same life-changing work that helped Amory is duplicated many times daily through NIFLA’s nationwide network of pregnancy centers. Like Amory, thousands of others helped by these charitable agencies are pursuing their inalienable right to seek happiness. The women helped by the pregnancy center movement are free from a legacy of loss that is fed by the lies of a profit-focused abortion industry. 

An abortion-free America brought about by the Dobbs decision will restore to every human being – born and unborn – the freedom to pursue happiness. Freedom, not enslavement, will set the stage for the restoration of a culture of life in every American community.

In a post-Dobbs America, the work of pro-life pregnancy centers will expand. These dedicated nonprofits will be free to help more women, children and families than ever before. More mothers will choose life and be free from the permanent wounds inflicted by abortion.

A decision to overturn Roe will usher in true freedom. Just ask Amory.

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