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Doesn't anyone on the inside of the White House have the guts to tell the emperor that he has no clothes? With Christmas coming, is there any hope that the ghost of the Christmas future will show the man the nightmare he is creating? Where is Moses when you need someone to plead for his people? That's what America needs right now, someone to shout until President Biden hears - "LET OUR PEOPLE GO!"


In fact, if Ben Franklin had gotten his way, the Great Seal of the United States would have featured Moses leading his people through the Red Sea and away from tyranny instead of a bald eagle. Moses was admired by the Puritans and the revolutionaries who fought for independence. Our forefathers were tired of big government treading on the freedom of individuals. Our republic was not formed to make bigger government but to ensure freedom from government overreach to all its citizens.

That same call for freedom from government overreach is once again driving many to fight the mandates and government control. As a result, more and more citizens are disregarding the mandates. They are refusing to close their businesses, get vaccinated, or even wear masks. Why? Because instead of selling citizens on taking responsible actions and pandemic precautions, Democrats have tried the force of law to impose their will.

There is enough evidence around the world that heavy-handed mandates and government restrictions are unnecessary. Sweden has never locked down their citizens nor required masks or vaccines, Sweden's COVID results are better that our own in the US. With accurate information and access, their leaders trust their own people to take care of themselves.

There is no perfect plan to control the pandemic. Yes, some people will die from COVID-19. People die from a number of diseases and causes. Any death is tragic, but death comes to us all. Life has been and will always have risk. Even with vaccination or natural immunity, COVID will be with us, and it will take a toll. Like the flu, regular booster shots will be advised. We don't need to fire people who aren't getting vaccinated. If vaccines and booster shots prove to be successful, more will follow suit.


Stop pretending that Americans cannot resume some sense of normalcy. We see thousands attend sporting events without masks. If they were "super spreader" events, we would know it. If masks and social distancing are unnecessary for shouting fans, they may also be unnecessary for everyday life. Let our people go!

After two years, our citizens know what to do. They know how to use masks as needed. They know to stay home if they have symptoms or are highly vulnerable to infection. Social distancing and fist bumps are common practice in public settings. More and More are vaccinated or have natural immunity every day. Stop getting in the way of your people being responsible for their own health. They don't need your maddening mandates to do what is wise!

If you are not smart enough to realize that your authoritarian controls are overkill, know that if you keep it up, you're ensuring Democrats will suffer an unprecedented beating in the midterm elections. Many of your politicians are waking up to that reality, and they are scared to death. Citizens are furious about your progressive policies, your dependency-inducing entitlements, and the inflation, federal debt, and high taxes they are creating.

By trying to force freedom-loving Americans into a socialist mold, you are playing with fire. By stealing from the responsible to coddle the dependent, you threaten the American Dream for those who have not yet achieved it. Socialism has never worked. Free-enterprise capitalism may be imperfect and produce unequal results, but it has created the greatest economy in the world. This is a country that immigrants wait years to enter, or do so even illegally. They know how special America is. Don't kill it with your unworkable progressive transformation.


Your inflationary policies, energy pipedreams, and open borders are infuriating more and more Americans. They see the rising prices on gas and other essentials. They see the millions of illegals encouraged to disregard our border and being sent throughout America.

It's time to renew our faith in every American. Stop the stimulus checks. Secure our border to illegal immigration. Free citizens to start their own small companies without excess regulations and taxes. Believe in their ability to use their gifts to succeed. Instead of assuming that they're so incompetent that they need government to establish a "living wage," start believing that they can earn a living wage on their own. Americans don't want to take from their rich neighbors; they want to be free to become rich themselves!

Do we have to elect a Moses, or are you ready to actually lead us into a revitalized American promised land? Yes, let our people go or expect to be defeated by a candidate who will.

Terry Paulson is PhD psychologist, author, and professional speaker on Earned Optimism, Making Change Work, Claiming Your American Dream, and Becoming a Conservative Values Voter. For more information contact him at

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