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All the polls aside, President Trump is positioned to win a historical victory in November. We can thank the inept Democrats who have sowed the seeds of their loss even before Hillary was defeated in 2016. Their preoccupation with "Hate Trump" started the moment they realized he might be the GOP candidate. Once elected, the deep state did everything they could to sabotage him and his administration. The House invested months in trying to impeach him.

But President Trump is not your normal politician. He has stood up against the slings and arrows. He's taken their best shots, and he's again campaigning to enthusiastic crowds. His supporters can't wait to vote to give him four more years. In fact, Trump has an unprecedented opportunity to win the election, expand GOP seats in the Senate, and even, possibly, take back the House!

Newt Gingrich recently asserted to a Jewish Republican Alliance online audience, "Trump is not the best conservative, but he is the best anti-liberal president we have ever had." Trump doesn't fit the mold because he's not a classic politician. He is an outsider, a businessman not a lawyer, and a leader who above all else gets things done. He respects and is more comfortable with workers than political elites from his own party.

And then there is Biden. The Democrats have selected a weak, mentally challenged basement dweller as their presidential candidate. His campaigning is scripted and takes place in front of less than impressive crowds. The vice president search was a disaster from beginning to end. Democrats have built their power in pleasing special interest groups. But their requirement that Biden's choice for vice president had to be a "black woman" eliminated black men, Hispanics, and all other needed special interest groups from consideration. As a result, the Hispanic defections could give President Trump the best ever Hispanic voting edge by any GOP candidate.

Kamala Harris is left doing most of the active campaigning, but she is no more popular than she was when competing with Biden for the top spot. She is not liked even in her own party and is not providing the bounce in the polls that Biden desperately needed. For Democrats, this is looking more and more like McGovern all over again.

Add to weak candidates the Black Lives Matter demonstrations and the unchecked rioting and looting in Democrat-controlled major cities, more and more Americans are concerned about their safety. Americans don't want to defund the police; they want more officers protecting them. Chaos and threats of continuing civil unrest if Trump wins are just making President Trump's stand for law and order even more appealing. Biden's late criticism of the rampant violence is vividly contrasted by Trump's continual offer to help bring order to cities and his success in doing so when invited to help.

What is on voters' minds? This election will be about safety and the economy. While many Democratic governors and mayors have tried to keep their constituents on lockdown because of COVID-19, President Trump is calling for opening up the economy to produce the economic rebound and jobs citizens crave. He did it before, producing the highest average income levels in history. He can do that again. Biden is a question mark; Trump is a proven economic catalyst. He's promised and delivered. Americans will be reelecting a president with a proven track record.

There is one more promise that will ensure Trump's victory in November. Teacher unions are long-standing Democrat supporters. Biden has promised to support their demands to limit charter schools. But school choice is one of the most important issues to many minority Americans. If their children are trapped in underperforming schools, their children are blocked from achieving their American Dreams. The Trump administration is ready to push hard for school choice. In his first term, it was long-needed criminal justice reform. In the second, it's school choice.

The Democratic push for mail-in voting could be another costly mistake. We may not know the winner in all states on election night, but that won't keep the media from using exit polls to fuel voter interest. Since Republicans are less trusting of the postal service, more will be going to polls in person to vote or drop in their completed ballots. Newt Gingrich expects that to impact the exit poll trends that are shared that night. If trends show a strong showing for Trump, it will tend to further suppress Democrats going late to the polls.

But all of these advantages will mean nothing if we don't vote. Do not be complacent. Keep an image of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in your mind as you vote for every GOP Senate or House candidate you can support. Consider every race in play, even if you feel there's no chance. Let's make sure that this time that Trump wins the popular vote as well.

Voting for Biden inspires no one. The "Hate Trump" crowd may just be too busy preparing to riot and create civil discord to take time to vote. Let's settle for nothing less than winning it all!

Put your enthusiasm for Trump into action. Stay informed and engaged. Ask Democrats the three reasons they support Biden. When they say their version of "I hate Trump," be ready to enthusiastically share the three reasons you can't wait to vote for President Trump-safety, the economy, and school choice. We don't vote against people. We vote for candidates who love America and have policies that will keep America great for years to come! 

Terry Paulson is a Ph.D. psychologist, author, and professional speaker on Earned Optimism, Making Change Work, Claiming Your American Dream, and Becoming a Conservative Values Voter. Contact him to speak before your group.

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