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Mr. President,

Herbert Hoover said, "Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt." But he had no idea how big that deficit could become under your administration. I know you won't accept Nancy Pelosi's embarrassing $3 trillion Coronavirus Relief Bill, but it's time to say "No" to any additional spending packages.


You were elected to tame big government, but by temporarily falling under the spell of the "experts," you've allowed our economy to be shut down. It's time to realize that there's no doubt that some countries and some states that have remained or become open are seeing their economies rebound without paying a heavy cost in COVID-19 deaths. Treatments are more available and progress on vaccines continues. It's time for you to forget the gradual opening and call for opening America's economy.

The Americans who elected you are more afraid of losing their jobs, homes, and businesses than they are of catching the coronavirus. They fear you're falling for the Democratic playbook designed to move America ever closer to socialism.

The basic assumption of the left is that government must "DO" something, provide something, control something, tax something, regulate something, or spend something, or it isn't doing its job. To a liberal who loves a crisis, this pandemic creates problems that only government can fix. You're acting too much like you believe that.

Years ago, Rush Limbaugh warned: "A liberal defines compassion as to how many people are 'helped' by government; a conservative defines compassion as to how many people no longer need it. Liberalism says: 'I'm here to help you; you can't make it without me.' Conservatism says: 'I did it; this is how I did it; I know you can do it, too.' Liberalism wants a 'human face' that hides its relentless push for control; conservatism wants human freedom."


The left's call for more government controls and entitlement programs implies that the average Americans who elected you are incompetent and incapable of making responsible decisions for themselves in the face of this terrible disease. We've learned about physical distance, washing hands, and other measures. The left wants you to believe that government "experts" alone know what's "essential" and what companies and services can be "safely" opened.

How infantilizing? Is this not America, the home of the free and the brave who would die to preserve their freedom? The confident, competent patriots who come to your rallies want you to openly fight big government controls and tame the deep state. Instead you're letting the left still control us. Push back and use your bully pulpit and withhold federal funds to fight to free us from this unnecessary lockdown. Authorize no subsidies for states that remain in lockdown and trample on our Constitutional freedoms.

As Dennis Prager reminded us, "The larger the government, the smaller the individual." Don't let this pandemic in any way "legitimize" the left's accelerated march to bigger government. We need you to stand for conservative principles we know you support: individual liberty, personal responsibility, and free-enterprise innovation and economic growth. You said that America would never be a socialist country. Let your actions match your words.


The workers and small businesses that you tried to keep safe by this lockdown are the very ones who are suffering the most. There won't be jobs until we are free to run our own lives and our own businesses. Americans just want to be free to work and open their businesses. They want to be free to unleash their own creativity and drive to turn this economy around now!

They claim that you're putting the economy over lives. Yes, opening our economies may cost more lives from the coronavirus, but not opening our economy is also costing lives. Suicides are up. Surgeries and treatments that have been delayed are costing lives. Opiate addicts and alcoholics are having difficulty meeting. Businesses have been lost. Jobs have been lost, some forever.

So, no more spending package bailouts, Mr. President. Let families, friends, churches, and local charities help those really in need. During the lockdown, we're seeing neighbors helping neighbors. That's the America that will get us through this pandemic and back to economic prosperity. Let our local communities do what they do to best meet the needs of those in our midst.

We are Americans, and we don't want to be dependent on government. We don't want to be patronized and lorded over by experts who think they know best. We cherish the words of Abraham Lincoln, "The worst thing you can do for those you love is the thing they could and should do for themselves."


Mr. President, stand up for what you know is true. Our free-enterprise economy has served us for well over 200 years as the greatest anti-poverty program in human history because it encouraged work, self-reliance, and creative problem solving. Let us take responsibility for our own safety, our own health, and our own lives. If people want to shelter in place, let them. If they want to go back to work and open their business, let them. Let Americans be Americans and let us once again prove that we can defeat any foe, including this coronavirus.

Show confidence in us, fight for opening our economy now, and we will show confidence in you for another four years. Be the president we know you are!

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