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Barack Obama is no horse whisperer wooing America into embracing change. An articulate bull has been unleashed in America's china shop. His sweet talk and promises of bipartisanship have given way to a radical liberal bent on transforming America into a socialistic nightmare we can’t afford!


He may actually believe that his vision for America is best, but the poll numbers for his plans are dropping fast. More and more Americans are taking off their rose-colored glasses because the economy is not improving. As Chick Hearn would say, "The mustard is coming off the hot dog!"

Brian Thompson of the Museum of American Financial History asserts, "Wall Street is predicated on optimism. The very acts of raising capital and making investments are based on the simple belief that tomorrow will be a better day. And that's what makes economic growth and opportunity possible."

Why are entrepreneurs not jumping at the opportunity to start and provide capital to new companies? It's simple. All Obama has brought to our economy is an unprecedented soaring deficit racing past a trillion dollars, unemployment raging towards 13%, continuing economic uncertainty, constantly expanding regulations, and higher taxes for the corporations and investors who could fund job-creating private sector growth!

Conservatives want a world where we can celebrate more citizens becoming rich by earning it. Liberals like Obama seem committed to spreading misery by making everyone poor by taxing away wealth, killing incentives and making more citizens dependent.

As a result, President Obama creates more fear than optimism, and that fear is warranted. China and other countries are balking at funding our debt which means the government is left to printing money that will ultimately obligate future generations and devalue the savings citizens have worked hard to create. That means inflation and continuing economic stagnation are on the way.


Our next stimulus package ought to be what President Obama calls a return "to the failed policies of the past." Free-enterprise, capitalism, and limited government created this country's unmatched economic strength. After the 9/11 attacks, our economy was severely tested. Within months, America was back on her feet and produced a sustained period of economic growth that lasted well into 2008. Why? President Bush didn't put his faith in Washington; he put it in the American people. He knew that when inspired and rewarded for their entrepreneurial and productive excellence, Americans would again rise to the challenge. He passed tax reductions, and the economy rebounded. The Bush plan was not a failed plan; it's the American plan that has always worked and would work again.

In a recent Time magazine article, Michael Grunwald described how "a world-famous team of genius scientists, psychologists and economists" helped manage Obama's winning campaign. Grunwald writes, "President Obama is still relying on behavioral science to transform the country. Because when you know what makes people tick, it's a lot easier to help them change.”

"People want to do what they think others will do," says Robert Cialdini, author of the best seller Influence. When they conveyed through the liberal-leaning media that "everyone is voting for Obama," others joined the herd. That’s Obama’s change mantra! "All reputable scientists agree" that global warming is caused by man and remains an imminent danger to earth. Obama asserts, "Economists on both the left and right agree that the last thing a government should do in the middle of a recession is to cut back on spending."


Not all scientists agree with Gore's environmental jihad and, certainly, not all economists agree with Obama’s record spending and higher taxes. There is no united herd, but Obama wants you to believe everyone that is anybody is on his team, whether it's true or not! Sheep apparently like company. He's the master in using empty words and empty phrases to manipulate you into buying his America.

Behavioral science, popularized by Freakonomics, The Wisdom of Crowds, Predictably Irrational, Nudge and Animal Spirits, has become a must-read in Obamaworld and it's already shaping dozens of Administration policies. For example, since it is hard for people to choose to change, policies will be constructed that require you to opt out if you don’t want to participate. They put you with the herd and force "radical" maverick's to choose to resist. Most just go along!

This is political paternalism at its worst. Well meaning or not, America has become a nanny-state run by an elitist Big Brother who wants to manipulate us into driving smaller, eco-friendly cars, eating less fat and using less carbon-based energy. Even Grunwald confesses, "The idea of public officials, even well-meaning ones, trying to engineer our private behavior to produce change can seem a bit creepy."

It’s time to resist President Obama's manipulations and socialist vision. Some American Indians had a way of taking care of chiefs they no longer respected. The chief would wake up one morning in their dwelling and find that the rest of the tribe had left them during the night. Get your tent ready!


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