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During his acceptance speech at the Democratic Party Convention, Joe Biden cast his presidential campaign as a battle of light versus darkness, vowing he’d be “an ally of the light, not of the darkness.”

Half-wit Joe had it half right; the 2020 election is about good versus evil, but Biden’s squarely on the dark side unless he switched parties. Biden can’t tell the truth because, by nature, Democrats are lying liars who speak in half-truths to garner votes from simpleton group thinkers. 

Democrat politicians get away with lying because they know most of their voters aren’t interested in exercising reasonable, logical analysis; they prefer having their emotions tickled with clichés and nice-sounding trivialities that don’t reflect reality.

Those of us gifted with the ability to translate Democrat-speak understand whatever flows from their lying lips always means the opposite. Therefore, Biden’s bogus “ally of the light” claim falls in line with Democrats’ litany of lies, given the Democrat Party’s dark history of racism, abortion and canceling God (with their actions)--to its current-day obsession with tyranny, neo-Marxism and lawlessness. Dark.

In short, the Democrat Party represents just about everything everyday Americans are not. Even so, rather than governing with grace and allowing us a little space—these dividing dividers ally with anti-American anarchists and neo-Marxists to burn it all down and subjugate law-abiding citizens—literally.

Meanwhile, Princess Pelosi slaps her own science in the face, and ventures out maskless for a wash and blow-dry, while the peasants in her district eat crumbs because Democrats won’t let them work.  Her behavior is rooted in the age-old idea that political power equals societal superiority, whereby the rest of us only exist to serve those in power. They believe they have the right to control how we think, where we go, what we say, what we eat, what we drive, how we worship, how we vote, etc. That’s the opposite of goodness and light.

They believe they must punish America, too. From the Weather Underground group in the 1960s to the anarchists burning down cities today, domestic terrorists find safe harbor in a party that uses them to win elections the same way they exploit minority voters. 

We’ve watched Democrats sound the racism “dog whistle” to incite mobs, then look the other way when violence erupts. And then the liars lie and tell us what we see is not what we see. The lawlessness and assaults and murders and shootings and looting and burning are just “peaceful protests.” There’s nothing to see here, time to move on. Dark.

Time to move on…to something much more dangerous and even more dark: silencing your political opponents, Soviet-style. Like Rep. Ayanna Pressley dog-whistling for “unrest in the streets” to harass Republican leaders. Or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ranting Republicans are “enemies of the state.” 

The next thing you know, good folks attending Trump’s GOP acceptance speech, including Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and his sweet wife, Kelley, were attacked by Joe Biden voters. Mrs. Paul later described it as being “swarmed by a threatening, screaming mob” using “f---yous” and calling her a “racist wh-re” and a “bitch.” Dark.

Biden voters attacked Republicans because conservatives have the gall to speak the truth, which is born out of intellectual integrity—something today’s Democrats know nothing about—and hold dear to it about as much as they do the truth.

Now, these lying dividers want to cheat their way to the White House, promoting methods ripe for fraud such as mail-in voting, eliminating voter identification, not requiring witnesses for mailed ballots, and employing automatic voter registration. These liars say it’s safe to riot and spit in political opponent’s faces, but it’s not safe to socially distance and vote in person. Dark.

Democrats have gone so far over to the dark side you can’t tell the difference between them and the Chinese Communist Party.

During the pandemic, Democrats gave us a sneak peek of things to come: They’ll demolish capitalism and promote the Green New Deal, ushering in a Venezuelan-style socialist/communist government leading to oppression, starvation and poverty. They’ll shut down our churches and force us into government dependency rather than dependence on God and hard work. They’ll defund law enforcement, disarm us and leave us defenseless against their oppressive government and jack-booted thugs.

A day of reckoning must come on November 3, 2020, for this political party which dwells in darkness and demands we join them there. Reckoning, because when you sell your soul to the Devil, you become an enemy of the light—no matter how many references to God or the Bible you happen to recite.

Indeed, the 2020 elections are less about Democrats versus Republicans and more about darkness versus light. “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Ephesians 6:12.

©2020 Susan Stamper Brown. Susan is an award-winning columnist who lives in Alaska. She feels safer around the grizzlies which roam her property than the leftists roaming worldwide. She has written for scores of newspapers and media publications across the U.S., including USA Today, Townhall, The Christian Post, GOPUSA, BizPac Review, and Jewish World Review. Contact Susan at writestamper@protonmail.com. 

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