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Those preaching the so-called gospel of “White Privilege” are nothing more than mindless marionettes in the hands of neo-Marxist puppeteers, whose divide-and-conquer strategy includes broadly casting the net of collective guilt over a group of people who are mostly too busy working and doing the right thing to be racist or worry about privilege.


Enter: The Obamas, Oprah Winfrey and the like.

It seems like only yesterday Michelle was whining to Oprah Winfrey about the hopelessness she experienced after Donald Trump won in 2016. Apparently, it’s worsened. During her recent podcast, the former first lady complained she’s dealing with “some form of low-grade depression” -- blaming it on not just pandemic quarantines, but “because of the racial strife and seeing this administration. Watching the hypocrisy of it day-in and day-out is dispiriting.” 

Let’s unpack Michelle’s depressing life. 

Post-presidency, the Obamas make $400 thousand annually, and their net worth is reportedly $70 million, according to The same website claims in 2017, the Obama’s purchased an 8,200 square-foot mansion in Washington, D.C., for $8.1 million. In 2019, they bought a $14.9 million 7000 square-foot Martha’s Vineyard vacation property with 29 oceanfront acres.

How’s that for white privilege?

I’m not a psychiatrist, but it appears Mrs. Obama’s problem is real and runs deep. Michelle hasn’t the moral courage to admit Democrats and their anti-American, anti-U.S. Constitution, anti-God, anti-Capitalism, anti-white people, Bible-burning neo-Marxist sidekicks instigate the racial strife.

The Obamas’ lavish lifestyle is the epitome of hypocrisy, considering how they used their presidency to demonize the wealthy and successful. They continue that demonization today, but like every leftist out there, what they preach to others doesn’t apply to them. 


During his 2018 speech in Johannesburg, Barack Obama backhandedly trashed Trump and his tax cuts (which helped the middle class) while downplaying his own financial status saying: “Let me tell you something, I don’t have half as much as most of these folks or a tenth or a hundredth. There’s only so much you can eat. There’s only so big a house you can have. There’s [sic] only so many nice trips you can take. I mean, it’s enough.” 

There’s not enough time to unload the metric ton of hypocrisy with that quote.

Obama also said rich people could help others without taking “a vow of poverty” and stumped for “some form of progressive taxation” so rich people can stay rich while “giving a little back.” Giving “a little bit back” is what everyday Americans define as charity, and what church folks call giving tithes and offerings. The Obamas and their ilk literally see themselves as virtuous Robin Hoods, stealing from the rich and redistributing money to the poor, in the name of social justice. They fail to see the parallel between themselves and all Communist dictators who see no moral conflict in bleeding citizens dry in the name of justice, all the while living in the lap of luxury.

Given what we know now, Americans overlooked Obama’s neo-Marxist leanings during the 2008 and 2012 elections and primarily voted for him because of his skin color. 

Obama’s presidency gave a tremendous impetus to the anti-American, neo-Marxist movement running rampant in America today.


The Obamas’ friend, Oprah Winfrey, joined the movement too, using her platform to bite the white hands of those who propelled her to greatness. Rather than hopping on a treadmill, Oprah jumped on the same “America is evil because of white privilege” bandwagon from which the Black Lives Matter movement is raising millions. 

During a recent episode of her “The Oprah Conversation” series, this woman who went from nothing  to billions because America isn’t racist, dared to promote a book suggesting America has a “caste system.” 

Oprah blathered racist baloney, suggesting despite a person’s socio-economic situation, white people always have their “whiteness,” which, as she put it, “means that whiteness still gives you an advantage.” 

If that’s the case, then why do black men dominate the NBA? In America, anyone who qualifies for a loan gets one. And Affirmative Action discriminates against white people, primarily white men.

As former professional football player Burgess Owens, a black Republican candidate running for Utah’s 4th Congressional District pointed out in a  recent tweet: “The most popular racist term today…’White Privilege.’ Don’t tell me my skin color holds me back. Don’t you dare tell me my skin color makes me a victim.”

Exactly. Everyone has an equal opportunity in America, and it’s disingenuous to suggest otherwise. 

Frankly, I’m fed up, along with multiple millions of other patriotic Americans, black, white and otherwise. We are disgusted with all the America-hating, race-baiting and white-berating. 


America has a big tent; however, there’s no room for those intent on overthrowing the American way of life. Those who hate America, both the puppets and puppeteers, should take their show elsewhere, preferably to an anti-American dictatorship that’ll welcome them with open arms. That is until they attempt to do there what they do here--which will be the cue for rest of us to pop popcorn and enjoy the show.

©2020 Susan Stamper Brown. Susan lives in Alaska and feels safer around the grizzlies that roam her property than the leftists that roam worldwide. She has written for scores of newspapers and media publications across the U.S., including USA Today, Townhall, The Christian Post, GOPUSA  and Jewish World Review. Susan is listed as America's 50 Best conservative columnists for 2015 and 2016, and America's 40 Best Conservative columnists for 2017. Contact Susan at

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