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Once again, conservatives have latched onto the bait tossed out by progressives in their never-ending campaign to grab guns from the hands of law-abiding citizens. Gun control is just one aspect of the Progressive agenda; in essence, they want control of everyone and everything any way they can.


Toward this end, they will tell you anything to get what they want. For example, they say they are multiculturalists, right up until election season when cultures become pawns to move around the political battlefield. All non-compliant free-thinkers are dealt with accordingly.

Consider the war on women last year contrived to convince women the Democrat Party is the place for them. In the end, they made women look more like sex objects best left in the bedroom. It was demeaning to listen to all the noise made about free birth control at the DNC last summer; I fully expected to see birth control pills and NuvaRings rain down from the ceiling at convention's close. And how about President Obama's new near estrogen-free cabinet? The party for women? Hah.

So now they say we urgently need gun control. And, they are exploiting children the same way they exploit minorities and women to get it. The Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre is a means to an end. On MSNBC recently, guest Patricia Maisch said, "It's a shame we had to get to the 20 little martyrs" at Sandy Hook to take action regarding gun control. Little martyrs? Martyrs for what? The religion of gun control?

The time has come for progressives to come clean about gun control. Drop the word "gun" and we'll be a little closer to having an honest conversation. But since they won't, please let me help. I recently visited one of my favorite progressive websites, where I ran across an article claiming gun control measures would do little to change anything because Americans at large are too evil and violent. It's hard to reconcile all the America-loathing out there, but there is a simple solution: Renounce your citizenship and purchase a one-way plane ticket.


The article failed to present an honest assessment of facts and figures, most likely to incite an emotional, rather than rational response, hence inspiring me to go fact digging, which led me to the FBI's Expanded Homicide Data Table number 8.

According to the FBI, in 2010, there were 8,775 gun homicides. Of those, 6009 were from handguns, 358 from rifles, 373 from shotguns, 96 by "other" guns, and 1939 "not specified." This breakdown doesn't bode well for those promoting re-regulation of assault weapons. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, most mass murders are committed with "firearms that would not be restricted by an assault weapons ban."

The same FBI report disclosed that knives and cutting instrument deaths (1704) quadrupled rifle deaths and 540 people died from blunt objects, similar to the Golden Globe award Anne Hathaway just received and labeled as a "lovely blunt object that I will forevermore use as a weapon against self-doubt." Knock yourself out, Anne. Anyway, I digress. If one applied the same twisted logic as Vice President Biden who recently said, "If only one life is saved, it's worth it," then I suppose we need to ban big shiny club-like award objects. Or maybe we need to ban the use of appendages, since almost twice the amount of people who died from shotgun wounds were killed by hands, fists or feet. While we're at it, we need to do something about falling because, according to the CDC, 24,792 people died as a result, in 2009.


Progressives' logic on this issue is ridiculous and it is ridiculous for conservatives to participate because in the end, progressives may not get everything they want, but will get more than they should. In reality, according to the aforementioned FBI report, firearm murders dropped significantly from 2006 to 2010; while, according to Bloomberg Business , gun sales have exploded since 2009, meaning the real answer to less gun deaths is more guns.

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