Tyranny of the Minority by Ed Brodow

Posted: Sep 06, 2017 11:16 AM
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Tyranny of the Minority by Ed Brodow

As a book reviewer, you never know what you’re going to get. Especially in the realm of political books. I started Tyranny of the Minority – How the Left is Destroying America by Ed Brodow with a skeptical eye.

I was happily surprised to find that Mr. Brodow builds his case against the Left chapter-by-chapter. He lays out case-after-case detailing the how, what, and the why of the war that is raging upon the founding principles of America.

Brodow states, “Social justice may sound like a good idea, but the Left’s version is a naked grab for power by radical minority groups who claim to be oppressed by racist white America. In a reversal of the civil rights revolution, this campaign is not in the search of acceptance or equality. Their goal is to divide America so they can eventually trade places with their alleged oppressors.”

The book begins by addressing how we got here. Our recent history comes from enduring eight years of Barack Obama. His legacy is the foundation of the attack upon America. “At the core of Obama’s message was the concept that the US is a flawed nation that must seek redemption by apologizing for its past sins.”

The damage done by the last administration was nothing more than an “inside job” that literally attacked the fabric of our society. Individual rights took a back seat to unlimited government power. Freedom of speech, the rule of law, the separation of church and state, social mobility, private property, free market competition, patriotism, adaptability, personal responsibility, and even the American Dream itself came under attack during the Obama years and it hasn’t stopped.

Brodow lays out how Progressivism is the New Religion of the left powerful enough to divide families. He relays stories of people actually being “Uninvited” to Thanksgiving dinner because they voted for Trump and the progressive liberal cooking the turkey could not be in the presence of someone like that. And these people were family!

Diversity is a golden child for the left and in this book he describes the especially insidious nature of how it is used as a weapon to Divide and Conquer. Love for diversity in and of itself has done nothing more than deepen the cultural divides found naturally among peoples with different backgrounds. It has morphed into an identity politics that borders on clannish. We have witnessed small events take on an entire life of their own. Whether it is chalk writing on a college campus or a cop shooting in the inner-city streets. Events that would in the past have come and gone on any police blotter, are now elevated to cataclysmic levels of racism, or sexism, or tribalism sprouts from the worship of diversity.

Division is the ultimate goal.

A divided America is a weakened America.

Brodow also does a great job of explaining just what the “Deep State” actually is and why it is so dangerous to a free people. In case you always wondered, but were afraid to ask, he explains what the Deep State is, what its goals may be, and just who is running it anyway.

This is no fluff piece. Brodow takes on the Left’s worship of Islam. Brodow explains the difference from being against “Political Islam” and being Islamaphobic. The Left loves to label anyone who is against the Islamation of America. He builds a case using information from Muslim writers explaining the great problems that face America when it comes to Islam. These problems will only be getting larger in the coming years, and learning about the root of it now will help you understand the complexities on a deeper level.

No modern book on the destruction of America should end in hopelessness. America has endured and will continue to do so with strong citizens and great leadership. The book ends addressing the state of our nation with Donald Trump at the helm. Is Trump our “Great Orange Hope”? Brodow explains why he thinks so.

At 193 pages, "Tyranny of the Minority" is an easy read that will arm you with knowledge and insight you will need if you are allowed to come to Thanksgiving and face your liberal relatives ever again.

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