Diary of Some Wimpy Kids

Posted: Sep 21, 2013 12:01 AM

The current debate within the Republican Party about what to do with the hot mess that is Obamacare, before it’s inflicted upon the American people, perfectly illustrates why the Grand Old Party is in the sorry shape it's in. And why there is no long-term hope for the GOP unless its current national leadership is overhauled.

On one side you have those whose specialty is "managing the decay" as former Congressman J.C. Watts once described it to me. These are people who may or may not have had some real principles at some point, but they're now so immersed in the ruling class culture that their principles are determined by cynical, too-smart-by-a-half consultants. They see things only in the context of "winning" and "losing." But when they use that terminology it doesn't mean the same thing to them that it means to you and me. To them it means poll-tested, political-consultant approved pabulum. It means winning the primetime cable news network cycle. It means getting re-elected for re-election's sake. Public service isn’t a calling as much as it's a career.

On the other side you have those of us who see the decay and want to stop it before it runs its course. Now, our worldviews are not all in lock-step and sometimes we turn our guns on each other. Some of us are more libertarian than conservative. Some of us believe religion is personal and not a matter for politics. Others among us put the "fun" in "fundamentalist." But the one thing we all have in common is we see our current political debate as a simple question of survival. You don't have time to focus-group a new batch of talking points when your very way of life is at stake. To us it's not about the next election as much as it's about the next generation.

And the Obamacare debate clearly draws that line.

The best the current leadership of the Republican Party can come up with to avoid further suffocating the American people – already struggling under the weight of the weakest economic "recovery" in our history – is 41 meaningless Obamacare repeal votes and now feeble attempts to delay its implementation. But delay it to what end? Heck, in a sure sign it's already an epic fail, Obama himself has already delayed Obamacare several times.

Delay is not a strategy for victory. It's similar to the prevent defense in football, which only prevents you from winning. The majority of the American people do not want Obamacare, and the number of those that still do shrinks every day. Even Democrat operatives masquerading as union bosses don't want it. So if you're still going to implement it after delaying it, or attempt to fix the unfixable, what's the point? The patient doesn’t want the wound where the bullet went through sealed up with the bullet left in, they first need the bullet removed or it will kill the patient.

Remember when the Republicans began the year by reading the Constitution aloud? They certainly can't claim ignorance of their duty here. They know the Constitution says all appropriations begin in the House of Representatives, which is controlled by Republicans. Furthermore, it can certainly be argued that Republicans have that control at least in part because of voter dissatisfaction with Obamacare being realized in the 2010 elections. Thus, with Democrats in control of the Senate and the White House, there is only way to stop Obamacare dead in its tracks before it does irreparable harm to the economy and our families. Republicans must-defund it.

Of course the ruling class of the Republican Party bristles at the notion of actually doing their jobs, claiming it will force a government shutdown. Except if there is a government shutdown than Obama has chosen to do it, since the rest of the government's essential activities would be funded. Obama would be the one telling the American people that since he wants to give them Obamacare they do not want, he’s not going to give them the rest of the government that they do (which they already paid for). But instead of taking the fight to Obama, the ruling class of the Republican Party chooses yet again to take the fight to its own base. Whining to their friends in the mainstream media about all those “wacko birds” that expect Republicans to be, well, Republicans—and not undocumented Democrats.

Maybe I’m only speaking for myself here, but who cares who wins or loses the next election if we allow this irreversible statist monstrosity to take effect when we had the power to stop it? Beyond how it threatens our healthcare and economy, Obamacare might be the most pro-child killing piece of legislation in American history as well. And then you can ask folks like Hobby Lobby and Notre Dame University about how it infringes on religious liberty. If we can't get the Republicans we elect to save us from immoral and anti-constitutional legislation like this, then what is the point of electing Republicans?

According to some recent polling, many of you agree with those sentiments. Democrats are losing ground with the American in three key areas of leadership. However, guess who’s not taking advantage of this golden opportunity? That’s right, Republicans. How is it possible the alternative isn’t the beneficiary of his adversary’s demise?

It happens when the “alternative” isn’t really seen as on, but one in the same.