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I pride myself on trying to understand the arguments of those that don’t agree with me, and encourage others to do the same. However, every once in a while I am so overwhelmed by the Orwellian double-speak, self-refuting logic, and inexplicable gaps in the Left’s and the ruling class’ line of thinking I need to take inventory of all the unanswered questions.


Today is one of those days.

How come those who think we need to follow the Gang of 8 over the cliff to get the Hispanic vote never spend any time discussing how to get those at least 7 million white voters that voted in 2008 but didn’t in 2012 back to the polls? Without those white voters, Romney could’ve done better with the Hispanic vote than even George W. Bush did, and he still would’ve lost.

The liberal media keeps asking why we’re suspicious of the “Gang of 8” plan and why we don’t trust Charles Schumer and John McCain. So I assume they would just automatically trust a sweeping policy proposal that Ted Cruz drew up in secret, right?

Why are some “conservatives” backing a plan the Heritage Foundation says will cost taxpayers $6.3 trillion and amount to little more than a Democrat Party voter drive?

How come when there’s a bombing we blame the bomber, but when there’s a shooting we blame the gun?

By threatening Christians who honor the great commission with potential court-martial, isn’t the Pentagon essentially telling Christian soldiers they don’t have access to the same freedoms they’re fighting for?

By threatening Christians who honor the great commission with potential court-martial, isn’t the Pentagon essentially asking Christian soldiers to be willing to die in opposition to what they believe?


If it’s true that the same arguments used against redefining marriage to include homosexual relationships were used to ban interracial dating, does that mean all the black people and black ministers that have voted for and supported marriage are themselves racists?

If I hate you simply because I disagree with you and your morality, does that mean you hate God if you disagree with Him?

If Obama is admitting Obamacare needs “streamlined” even before its fully implemented, then why didn’t he listen to those who warned him ahead of time this would be a disaster? What’s so open-minded about doggedly pursuing your agenda even when it’s bound to fail?

Why is it called “the Affordable Healthcare Act” when even the Associated Press admits Obamacare costs at least $200 billion more than originally estimated even before it’s implemented, and that individual insurance rates will climb as high as 32%?

If your daughter’s boyfriend misled her for eight years, asked her to marry him, then called off the wedding but stayed engaged to her, and was having sex with and other guys simultaneously for only God knows how long, would you consider that young man a “hero” or “brave?”

Just how stupid does Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey think conservatives really are?


The liberal media describes Gun Owners of America as an “obscure” group, but then blames them for stopping Toomey-Manchin-Obama in the U.S. Senate. How does an “obscure” group have the power and muscle to thwart the entire U.S. Senate?

Do the liberal media know the polling firm they’re citing for Republicans losing support for supporting the Second Amendment is considered so partisan they’re no longer included in the Real Clear Politics polling average?

Why don’t the feminists complaining that there aren’t enough women in Obama’s cabinet tell us which unqualified men need to be replaced?

If an openly homosexual male athlete showering with other naked men on his team is no problem, then why don’t we just have the male and female athletes showering and dressing together to conserve water, energy, and lower our carbon footprint?

If it’s intolerant for conservative churches to not allow speakers that contradict their traditions and teachings, then is it also intolerant for liberal churches that believe in Darwin to not invite Ken Ham to give a presentation on a literal six-day creation?

If Jesus is imaginary and the God of the Bible isn’t real, then how come skeptics spend so much time debating something they don’t believe in? I don’t believe in unicorns, either, but don’t feel compelled to waste my time and energy proving they’re myth.


How come sometimes when someone is upset, appalled, surprised, bangs their thumb with a hammer or stubs the toe, or is having an orgasm they take the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in vain, but no one ever takes Muhammad’s, Buddha’s, or Vishnu’s name in vain? When was the last time you heard someone exclaim “oh Zoroaster?”

How come every time I turn onto “Tolerance Boulevard” it’s a one way street?

There, I feel better now. Your turn to have the headache.

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