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The Democrats haven’t merely left our southern border vulnerable, their policies have incentivized more than two million illegal aliens to invade the United States since Biden took office. 


Border towns are being overrun, prisons are filling to capacity, and hardworking Americans are being hurt, yet President Biden had the audacity to claim the “border is closed” on 60 Minutes. 

Washington DC’s marxist mayor rhetorically claimed that “[DC is] not a border town.” No kidding, Madame Mayor. And this is part of the problem. The leftist elite in D.C., and around the country, sit thousands of miles away from the actual border towns being overrun by the endless wave of illegal aliens pouring through our “closed” and “secure” borders. 

Granted, we have heard this tone deaf mantra primarily from the ruling class leftists residing in the ivory towers of New York, Chicago, San Francisco, or Washington D.C.  While approximately 8,000 people cross the border illegally each day into the border states, these elites accuse the Republican governments in those states of “human trafficking,” “coercing,” and “treating these migrants like cattle” for simply trying to defend the people of their states. 

You would think these elites—many of whom have led the charge for enacting sanctuary city policies—would be excited for an opportunity to step up and help. But when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis flew a mere 50 illegal aliens to the idyllic island community of many of these same Democrat elites in Martha’s Vineyard, he was accused of being cruel, uncaring, and inhumane. Within hours, Massachusetts called out the National Guard and bussed the immigrants off the island. So much for helping out. 


Just to ensure no good deed goes unpunished, Democrat lawfare operatives have rushed to help those illegal—let that irony sink in—aliens sue DeSantis for placing them in such a “dreadful” situation. Only in America, unfortunately.  

Some prominent Democrat leaders like Governor Newsom of California have even called for the Justice Department to charge DeSantis with human trafficking. Yet Newsom himself did the same thing when he was Mayor of San Francisco, shipping unwanted homeless people out of his city to other areas of the country. 

Maybe Democratic leaders of these “sanctuary cities” which flout the laws of America would be better to listen to their own messages of embracing diversity. Out of one side of their mouths, they say they welcome people of all ethnic backgrounds. Out of the other, they issue orders to bus immigrants from other cultures and backgrounds away from their cities and ritzy vacation islands. 

When Texas Governor Abbot dropped off immigrants outside “border czar” Vice-President Harris’s house in Washington D.C., he was also accused of grandstanding and cruelty. When one of the immigrants interviewed outside her house was asked if the border is closed, he replied candidly: “It is open, not closed. The border is open.” 

Of course, the border isn’t closed. And it is obvious to all but the reality-deniers. 

As a State Representative in Arizona, I have seen just how this crisis affects my state, as the news cycle shows horror after horror with casualties mounting along our own border. 


In fact, I took action, requesting the Arizona Attorney General to issue a legal opinion on whether “the Biden-Harris Administration has failed – intentionally or unintentionally – to uphold its obligations to protect the state from invasion” based on the Constitution. The Attorney General agreed, creating for the first time in U.S. history the legal basis for classifying the immigrant influx as an invasion and authorizing the state to take action, through any means necessary—including wartime powers, to repel it. 

Yet there is no national outcry over the remains of 3,600 migrants who have been found here in Arizona over the last year. There is no talk of charges being filed for dereliction of duty after more than 2 million border encounters across our nation’s southern border in the last fiscal year. And there is no comparable “Martha’s Vineyard-level” outrage over the 53 immigrants found cooked alive in the back of a semi-trailer in Texas two months ago, after having been brought across the border illegally.

To make it worse, fentanyl has been flooding across the border as cartels ship their poison through border states and into the rest of the nation. Cartels are now packaging the drug as candy known as rainbow fentanyl to attract American kids, even calling it “Sweet Tarts” and “Skittles” to hook unwitting children. They are packaging the deadly stuff as “sidewalk chalk” to target kids at play—yet still the Biden administration says there’s nothing to see here.   

Instead of dealing with the crisis they themselves encouraged in the first place, we have seen a denial of reality by Democrat elites, from Biden and Harris to the governors and mayors of blue states and cities across the nation. The Biden administration covertly flies immigrants across the country under cover of night all the time. 


Meanwhile, states along our southern border are having to fund and defend their own borders without federal support. Here in Arizona, more than $550 million was appropriated over the last two years for border concerns, and the recently approved budget calls for $564 million more to be spent to secure our southern border with Mexico. This is what happens when the elite put the IRS before ICE. We get 87,000 new collections agents instead of new border patrol agents. 

The bottom line: Democrats have weaponized the invasion of America’s southern border in an attempt to destroy America. Republicans are fighting like hell to stop them.  

Yes, it really is that simple.

Jake Hoffman is a member of the Arizona House of Representatives, founding chairman of the Arizona Freedom Caucus, 2021 National Legislator of the Year, contributing columnist at Townhall, and the President and CEO of, one of the nation’s top conservative creative agencies.

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