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AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

How many times will Democrats tell Americans one thing, only for the opposite to be true? It seems like the limit does not exist. What makes the rhetoric and behavior of those across the aisle all the more infuriating is that not only do they lie, but they vigorously attack those who dare to question what Democrats say and aggressively seek to debunk contrary claims.

But Americans are smart people. We know what’s going on and we know it’s not good. Yet Democrats expect our fellow countrymen to ignore the crystal clear realities in front of us and instead subscribe to their alternate and false version of reality.

This trend, of Democrats telling Americans who know darn well what’s happening to their families and our country not to believe their lying eyes, is a tale even older than our octogenarian president. 

Just this week, Americans were treated to another prime example of Democrats’ farcical attempts to dissuade Americans from believing what they’re seeing. New York, run by Democrats, banned gas hookups on new construction to prevent gas stoves or furnaces from being installed or used in the future. 

This ban on gas stoves — as well as other appliances — comes after the Biden administration said such authoritarian policy proposals weren’t serious. Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said conservatives had “blown up” their reaction to talk of a ban on gas stoves and were being “ridiculous.”

Well, those who rang the alarm about bans on gas stoves — and were subsequently attacked by Democrats who put such policies forward — have now been vindicated. They were told by Democrats not to believe their lying eyes, but it was Democrats who were lying about their intentions for gas stoves amid their larger forced energy “transition.”

Also this week, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre trotted out a new line of attack against House Republicans and their successfully passed Limit, Save, Grow Act that would raise the debt limit, avoid America’s first default, and roll discretionary spending back to FY2022 levels Democrats previously applauded. 

According to Jean-Pierre, Republicans’ legislation is now a wasteful “spending bill.” Yet, one week earlier, Jean-Pierre said the same legislation would give America’s children asthma and chemicals that “quite literally melt bones” would endanger the country. 

Never mind, apparently, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score for the bill that said the House GOP’s plan “would save $4.8 trillion through FY 2033, with about $4.2 trillion of policy savings and $543 billion of interest savings.”

A poll released this week showed that 74 percent of American voters believe that President Biden’s position on the debt ceiling is wrong, and he should negotiate with Republicans and accept some spending cuts for a deal to avoid defaulting on the debt. Yet Jean-Pierre expects Americans not to believe their supposedly lying eyes that are, in fact, giving an accurate picture — one in which Biden’s do-nothing posture is untenable. 

Earlier in the week, Jean-Pierre brazenly lied to the White House Press Corps, saying that, thanks to President Biden, “illegal immigration has gone down by more than 90 percent.” Apart from Americans who’ve just woken up from a coma that began more than 30 months ago, no one bought her claim. 

Illegal border crossings and "gotaways" have hit all-time highs on Biden’s watch, yet Jean-Pierre thought by saying things were one way that Americans would nod along and disregard what they know to be true. Again, Americans’ supposedly lying eyes were correct and Jean-Pierre was off her rocker. 

Of course, the elitist attitude that assumes Americans will believe demonstrably false claims from Biden and his fellow Democrats rather than what they’re witnessing and living is nothing new. 

Remember Hunter Biden’s laptop coming to light just before the 2020 presidential election? That’s just Russian disinformation, we were assured, even though Americans knew Hunter was an irresponsible liability.

The withdrawal from Afghanistan? No one will be left behind, we were told. In the aftermath, the deadly withdrawal was called a stunning success of military airlift execution despite the fact that it was apparent weeks before the last American service member departed that it was going to become a massive hostage crisis with Americans left behind.

In the same vein, during the withdrawal, the Biden administration bragged about a “righteous strike” carried out by a drone that neutralized a dangerous fighter who threatened the U.S. withdrawal. The attempt to have good news distract from the disarray and chaos on the ground quickly fell apart when it turned out the U.S. military had taken out an innocent aid worker and a handful of children.

Inflation? It’s non-existent, it’s a good sign, it’s transitory, it’s not our fault. Those were the various iterations of a lie Democrats tried to peddle. Americans, however, could see — on their utility bills, at the gas pump, and on their grocery receipts — that inflation was hitting hard and getting worse.

On one issue after another, Americans are told not to believe their lying eyes because the reality of Democrat policies and leadership is devastating. The only way for Democrats to spin their failures is to convince Americans that their own experiences are lies and that only Democrats actually know what’s going on. But that doesn’t fly in the end. Democrat lies are real, as are their consequences. 

So, believe your lying eyes. You’re not nuts, they are. You know better than Joe Biden, Karine Jean-Pierre, or any member of the Democrat party roster what’s real and what’s not.


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