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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

The Biden administration is pretending that everything is fine, the economy is booming, Americans are safe, and that America has never been doing so well. That is, the Biden administration thinks we’re all idiots. The White House’s demonstrated disdain for the American people is matched only by its contempt for the truth, and we got another egregious example this week courtesy of the National Security Council’s John Kirby.

We’ve been dealing with the Biden administration for more than two years now. After taking the oath of office and repeating campaign promises to be a “president for all Americans,” to rebuild supposedly eroded trust in the United States abroad, and to build the country back better than it was before the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans have seen the opposite. 

The aforementioned Kirby was on hand for Tuesday’s White House press briefing, and he snapped, more than usual, when the Biden administration’s deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan came up. 

“This idea, this argument, is just ludicrous that we left millions of dollars of stuff in Afghanistan,” Kirby declared while waving his hands around. “We didn’t. We turned it over — as the previous administration would have done, too, because part of their thinking was they were going to have to turn this material over,” Kirby said, scrambling to deny reality. “It was turned over appropriately and carefully and deliberately with the Afghan National Defense Security Forces.”

Except, he’s wrong. Inspector general reports, news reports, and the scenes Americans watched from home showed the Biden administration leaving billions — not just the millions Kirby mentioned — of dollars worth of equipment behind in Taliban hands.

Just a few days earlier, Kirby proclaimed of the Afghanistan withdrawal in another White House briefing, “For all this talk of chaos, I just didn’t see it, not from my perch.” John Kirby, speaking on behalf of the Biden administration, thinks you’re an idiot. 

He, along with the rest of the West Wing’s goons, think they can tell you what you saw and didn’t see, and you’ll just go along with it. But Kirby’s performative denial of reality on Tuesday and last week mirrors what we all watched unfold in Afghanistan.

“There’s nothing to worry about in Afghanistan.”

“No, there’s no evacuation happening at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul.” 

“No, diplomats aren’t burning documents and smashing hard drives.”

“Ok, so we’re removing some personnel, but there’s nothing to worry about.”

“So, Taliban fighters are making gains elsewhere in Afghanistan, but they won’t take Kabul for months.” 

“The Taliban is having more success, but Kabul won’t fall to the Taliban in a matter of days.” 

“It’s anything but inevitable that the government of Afghanistan will fall.” 

“Yes, we see the Taliban coming toward Kabul, but they’re not a concern.” 

“We’re going to evacuate Americans just in case, but it will be orderly.” 

“We don’t know how many Americans are in Afghanistan, but we won’t leave any citizens behind.”

It was all lies, and the Biden administration still expects Americans to believe what the White House said, not what they saw for themselves.

It’s not just the Biden administration’s repeated lies about how disastrous and deadly the withdrawal from Afghanistan became, though. President Biden and his Cabinet continue to lie while telling Americans not to believe their own eyes in an ongoing demonstration of condescension.

“Inflation? No, that’s not happening.”

“Well, okay, there’s a little bit of inflation, but that’s a positive sign that the economy is getting back to normal.” 

“Don’t worry, inflation won’t last — it’s transitory.”

“Ok, some inflation might stick around, but it won’t get bad.” 

“Inflation is raging due to greedy U.S. corporations, not the Biden administration.”

“Inflation is all Vladimir Putin’s fault.” 

“We fixed inflation with a climate change law.”

Inflation is, as Americans know, still raging. But the Biden administration expects Americans to trust Biden and his lieutenants rather than their own family’s bottom line. 

The Biden administration’s COVID messaging was equally disastrous. 

“Wear a mask.” 

“Get vaccinated.”

“You can take off your mask once you’re fully vaccinated.” 

“Everyone has to wear a mask.”

“There will be no vaccine mandate.” 

“This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

“Get vaccinated, or you’ll lose your job.”

There are countless examples of Biden rhetoric and edicts like these. So when the administration tells Americans the way things supposedly are, it’s a safe bet that the opposite is true. Thanks to their friends in the mainstream media and Big Tech, their false messages get repeated and spread around. And it all banks on Americans not being able to tell the difference between reality’s truth and Biden’s fiction. 

The president and his administration — they think you’re an idiot.


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