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Sergei Bobylev, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP

As President Biden travels around Europe and makes his surprise visit to Ukraine with another $500 million worth of military aid in hand — putting a new exclamation point on his neglect of domestic crises — his administration continued issuing feeble warnings that China was set to increase assistance to Russia in its fight against Ukraine. Meanwhile, Iran has already been caught providing drones to Russia, and North Korea continues to escalate its missile tests.

So, what is Biden going to do about these evil empires? He's already shown weakness in his dealings with…all of them. Negotiations with Iran seeking a new nuclear deal? A complete failure. Suppressing North Korea's ambitions? Test launches escalated to an all-time high. Biden even spent months helping Beijing ingratiate itself with Putin's regime. All this while the White House trots out children after Biden's latest speech in Poland that the mainstream media is rushing to put on a level with Reagan's address at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

First, Russia. Biden has staked a significant portion of his administration's efforts and travels on assisting Ukraine to the tune of billions of dollars. But all that has come after Biden failed to talk Putin out of invading in the first place. Biden's threats run hollow in Moscow, and Putin rushed headlong into a war that's now raged for a year. But before Russia invaded Ukraine, Biden also tried to use his precious "diplomacy" to have China talk Putin into backing down. But Beijing took the intelligence Biden shared with them about Russia's amassing of troops and equipment near its border with Ukraine and gave it to Putin, providing a picture of what the U.S. knew of Russia's plans and preparations. That is, Biden helped bring China closer to Russia — and now look at how that relationship has developed. On Wednesday, China's top diplomat was already in Russia as Biden left Poland to return to the United States. 

China is reportedly working on assisting Russia as it seems to be ramping up for a fiercer fighting season. On Wednesday, reports broke that CCP Leader Xi Jinping will make an in-person visit to Russia in the "coming months." Officially, according to the Chinese Communist Party, the visit will focus on easing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. But the Biden administration has already revealed that China has been providing some support to Putin, then escalated its warnings that China is preparing to provide "lethal support" for Russia's war against Ukraine. As before, Biden has so far failed to dissuade China and Russia from becoming partners in war against Ukraine and its western allies. But China hasn't been the only evil empire to assist Russia.

Iran, too, has been caught providing so-called kamikaze drones to Russia that have been used against Ukraine, including civilians. Rather than being able to threaten or dissuade Iran from joining the fight on the side of Russia, Biden has now watched as his attempts to negotiate a revival of the disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal fell apart, admitted the Iranian regime played the United States and is now reporting a blossoming war machine partnership between Putin and the Ayatollah. Moscow and Tehran are now moving forward with plans to build a military manufacturing plant in Russia that will produce "at least 6,000" Iranian-designed drones for Russia to use against Ukraine.

While the developing axis of evil between Russia, China, and Iran continues to strengthen, don't do what Biden has and ignore North Korea's escalating ambitions. During the Trump administration, the 45th president's sometimes unorthodox handling of Kim Jong Un saw North Korea slow its missile tests and reduce its other usual saber rattling. But since Biden took office, North Korea has ramped up its launches and development of weapons that could threaten the western United States. In 2022, the regime launched 70 missiles and broke its record for tests in a single year. Since last weekend, North Korea has conducted a new series of launches as it tested short-range and ICBM missiles. When the United States sought to get United Nations condemnation for Pyongyang over the tests, the effort was blocked by Russia and China. 

So, Biden has pushed China and Russia closer together. Biden got played by Iran, which is now directly aiding Russia's war machine. And China and Russia are more strongly taking North Korea's side against the Biden administration's efforts at the U.N. "Peace Through Strength" has been a foreign idea to the Biden administration since its earliest days, and now he's botched enough international incidents to embolden our foes to unite against America and her allies. While he's failed to "build back better" domestically, President Biden has succeeded at uniting evil empires into an unholy axis of bad actors dead set on opposing U.S. interests abroad and threatening America's security at home.


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