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Giving Thanks to a Special Group

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November has been one heckuva rollercoaster ride — from the midterms that disappointed many Republicans and conservative activists to more economic woes amid a holiday/Christmas shopping season that’s set to be the most expensive in decades to further persecution of conservatives by the Biden administration, there are a lot of reasons to have a cautiously pessimistic outlook as this year draws to a close. 


Here at Townhall, we’ve reported on and heard from our readers how rough things have been over the past year — but there’s been a consistent bright spot through it all that keeps Townhall’s team running on all cylinders and excited to face each new day, whatever it brings: Our loyal VIP members who make everything we do possible. 

We don’t have deferential relationships with DC’s Democrat elite, we’re not beloved by Big Tech platforms or their allegedly “independent” fact-checkers, and we don’t go along to get along with what the “current thing” happens to be on any given day. We write the stories that get smeared as “disinformation” by Democrats and mainstream media outlets, we don’t make excuses for political leaders on either side of the aisle, and we don’t accept spin from professional flacks trying to divert attention from inconvenient truths.

That’s why our VIP members are so important to us and what we do — their support allows us to continue digging and fighting for the truth to win out even when political winds shift, the world is on edge, and the direction of the country looks bleak. 

Our VIPs are part of our team, as responsible for telling the stories we publish as our writers are. The direct support of Townhall VIP members allows us to sidestep Big Tech hall monitor monopolies set up by Facebook and Google and keep plugging away no matter what the Silicon Valley overlords think is appropriate or worthwhile information.


We love hearing from you in our inboxes and reading your thoughts in our comment section, a direct line to see where other conservatives across the country are at on the news of the day, what we should dive deeper into for future stories, and what impact leaders in Washington are having on Wall Street and Main Street alike.

Earlier this year, while the mainstream media insisted that John Fetterman was the greatest thing since sliced bread — which may make for a more capable senator, but I digress — and salivating at the thought of him running for president someday, Townhall readers knew the truth. That’s because not only did we report on all Fetterman’s radical policy positions and his disastrous debate, our own investigative reporter Mia Cathell was on the ground in Braddock, Pennsylvania, as the election battle raged.

She interviewed business owners, a former mayor, and average Joes in the town where Fetterman used to be mayor — and held an innocent black jogger at gunpoint. Mia gave a platform to the people Fetterman claimed adored him, and the truth was anything but what he proclaimed. That was all possible through the direct support of our VIP members.

So not only do our VIPs allow us to continue writing the stories mainstream outlets ignore, they help us give a voice to other Americans who would otherwise be forgotten by corporate media because their stories prove inconvenient to the approved Democrat narrative. 


And there’s so much more work to be done. As Americans get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving amid the most expensive Turkey Day in decades, thanks to Bidenflation, our team at Townhall is already busy preparing for and covering the next big stories. 

We’re watching and reporting on the nationwide railroad strike that again threatens to further derail our economy, the runoff election in Georgia between Sen. Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker, Dr. Fauci’s final weeks in government, congressional Democrat schemes to cram more radical legislation into the lame duck session, and Republican priorities for their majority in January’s new Congress.

We’re able to focus on all these stories that will be affecting Americans in the final weeks of 2022 and into 2023 because of our VIP members. But we want to and can do even more with the help of more loyal readers who choose to join the Townhall team as VIPs.

When you directly support our work as a VIP member, you’ll get exclusive VIP-only access to columns from Katie Pavlich and Matt Vespa, in-depth coverage from Guy Benson, podcasts and videos from Kurt Schlichter, and much, much more. 

So become another reason for our team to be thankful this Thanksgiving by joining the ranks of our loyal VIP members. When you use promo code THANKFUL at checkout, we’ll knock 40% off the membership cost. 


For the Townhall VIPs who’ve already joined, thank you for standing alongside us as we do this important work. From all of us at Townhall, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving — and don’t fight with your liberal Biden-loving relatives too much. 

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