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Joe Biden Slaps America in the Face

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AP Photo/Matt Slocum

It's hard to imagine — even with Joe Biden occupying the Oval Office — a more tone-deaf slap in the face for the American people than what unfolded on the South Lawn of the White House on Tuesday afternoon.

Joined by Vice President Kamala Harris, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, President Biden held an event celebration party to highlight the recent "Inflation Reduction Act." That bill Biden signed into law does not, of course, do anything to reduce inflation as Penn Wharton and several other independent evaluators determined. Still, Biden and Co. heralded the legislation — one of just a few successes Biden and Democratic congressional leaders have to show for their two years of uniparty control — as something tremendous.

In addition to the bill's false name and numerous other issues with its provisions (including radical energy policies), there's one major problem with the timing of Biden's shindig celebrating how much he and his fellow Democrats are doing to reduce inflation: Just hours earlier, the federal government's Bureau of Labor Statistics released the August Consumer Price Index that showed (drumroll) inflation had increased. 

Yep, Biden and Democrats partied on the day that another report came out showing prices continued to rise at the end of the summer — in some metrics even accelerating — showing more pain being felt by the American people.

"This bill cut costs for families," Biden bellowed at the White House amid his celebration, and "helped reduce inflation at the kitchen table," he claimed. Again, not true for the misleader and liar-in-chief. In the same report that showed inflation not being reduced, the food index showed the largest 12-month price increase since 1979. That is, the Biden administration's agenda did not "cut costs" for families, and it certainly did not "reduce inflation at the kitchen table," as he claimed. 

But that's our president, America's Nero, fiddling away at the White House while the country burns around him. Biden's is the same energy and false confidence of the band playing on while icy North Atlantic sea water flooded the Titanic's hull. 

Biden, however, isn't just going down with the ship; he's dragging the rest of the country down with him. And Wednesday wasn't the first time Biden's antics have been reminiscent of Nero's fiddling.

No, this is a continuing trend from a president and administration that refuses to accept responsibility for anything — all the while still stating that the "buck" stops at the resolute desk in the Oval Office. The buck, conveniently, just never finds its way to Biden. 

It's the same nonsense Americans witnessed as President Biden declared that everything was fine in Afghanistan and then heralded his "success" in the largest airlift in U.S. History. But that celebration, like his this week for the "Inflation Reduction Act," came at an even greater cost to Americans — the loss of 13 U.S. service members in an ISIS-K suicide bombing carried out at the gates of Kabul's airport. When those heroes' caskets were brought home to U.S. soil, Biden checked his watch rather than pay his respects. 

We're seeing this sort of attitude from Biden in his administration's "energy transition" that has crippled the U.S. power grid — most notably in California — while he continues pushing for absurd limitations on American energy with no regard for the effects of such policies. Namely, killing off America's energy independence, kneecapping the power grid with unreliable and untested sources of electricity, and jeopardizing national security by draining strategic reserves in a bid to artificially lower fuel prices. It's all part of his plan, this "transition," Biden says, still fiddling away.

No matter how bad things get, Biden will never admit it. To say things are bad — apart from Biden's bizarre admission that one time about how he can "taste" Americans' frustration — is to admit that he's not leading America through the comeback he promised with his "Build Back Better Battle for the Soul of the Nation Except for the Fascist Half."

Instead of admitting that he botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan, killed off American energy and sent gas prices to all-time highs, enacted policies that drove inflation to 40-year-highs, caused widespread hardship unfelt by Americans in decades, and triggered a depression — Joe Biden throws himself parties and takes victory laps. 

It's time to retire the fiddling Nero expression and replace it with the more illustrative example provided by Joe Biden's utter failures of a presidency. 


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