Surprise! The Media Forgot Texas Abortion Barbie

Posted: Sep 22, 2014 12:01 AM

Shocker! The national media isn't covering Texas Abortion Barbie's race any more, now that she's double digits down.

No agenda there. Nope.

George Bush obtained a vote of Congress to go to war against Iraq and he assembled a coalition of 37 nations with boots in the fight. Barack Obama decided himself to fight ISIS with some airstrikes and advisers, and so far reports of nine international supporters, boots uncommitted.

Will the Left/Media ever apologize for their slurs against the "unilateral cowboy" and for their delusional slobbering over the bumbling, world-healing, Earth Whisperer?

Of course not. They own the megaphone. Being wrong and liberal means never being accountable.

"I'm sorry [breast cancer solicitor lady], but we're kinda struggling right now. If you want a stronger economy so more people can support your cause, you should support someone other than Obama. But good luck on your next call."

"Yes, sir, I understand. We wouldn't want to overwhelm you, but"--*click*

Just watched the Denver Broncos give up the game winning touchdown to the Seattle Seahawks in overtime on a first and goal run up the middle. I’m no expert, but I wonder: The last Denver defender to touch the ball carrier just threw his head and shoulder at the runner who tumbled over him like a stuntman somersaulting a car.. If he used old school wrap up and tackle, could he have stopped him?

The scratchy whisper of brown leaves swarming on a hot September street. The fickle voice of seasons promising change and seasons hanging on.

What's all this talk about independence for the Scots?! What about all the Toms, Dicks, and Harrys? I'm sick of special privileges!

New York Times headline: Universal Pre-K Takes Off.

Wait, what? Does anyone see how well our public sector is managing affairs right now? Can anyone imagine anything more simultaneously absurd and chilling than the government saying: "Give us your youngest children."?

Interesting. Listening to a hip Boulder radio station play a recording of a live visit from Crosby and Nash. As a war protest, they sang My County 'Tis of Thee, slow and in a minor key. Song was beautiful.

Also pondering that it was recorded years ago, under the last president. Where are all the beautiful people and their peacock preening now?

Pretty sure we're not raising snobs in our 1,000' ranch home, but you be the judge:
14 yr/old Jeffrey home from school, looking for a snack: "Do we have any pesto?"

Our military? To combat Ebola in Africa?

Why not Americorps? The Peace Corps? The UN? The World Health Organization? What definition of mission and national defense sends our warriors to Africa to be social workers in an epidemic?

ESPN just advertised a show devoted to fantasy football. Civilization ends not with a bang but a sparkle.

Do we want a society where the government criminalizes parents who let their preteen kids play unsupervised in the neighborhood or nearby community? It's where we're headed unless citizens speak up and push back.

The bitterness is hard to avoid. Everything his opponents predicted about this president came true, and worse, but Leftists and media have a 24 hour memory.

They still expect us to pretend that this is a normal presidency and the disastrous job scene and global bonfire is not their fault. And since they have the megaphone, they win the debate by default.

The problem with playing the Ben Franklin quote about giving up essential liberty for a little security as a trump card against anything government does, is "essential liberty" and "a little security" are unquantified values.

You could make the identical argument against having a town sheriff, a national army, or any government at all. And we know Franklin was a fan of "The Republic."

So at the end of the day, we're still left arguing balancing tests on a slippery slope. All of us, that is, except for the shrewd souls who believe "Franklin" vanquishes all.

Hey, sports and media mavens, why isn't "Fighting Irish" an unacceptable ethnic slur? Certainly plenty of Celtics aren't brawlers.

$15 an hour to start? Attention, burger servers: You don't have a career job. It's a supplemental income job, a stepping stone, a first rung on the ladder.

You want a career income? Offer career skills. Please stop embarrassing yourself with your leftie delusions. Or you'll be replaced by willing workers or machines faster than you can say "Down with The Man!"

The media camped and chased like locusts to embarrass George Bush about deranged Cindy Sheehan's desire to meet him.

Can you imagine what those mongrels would do with the devastating letter from the bereaved father of the fallen Seal Team 6 hero to America's pathetic Commander in Chief if it were written to a Republican president? Have you even heard of the letter? Maybe those instinctive liberal hounds don't even know they're corrupt and treasonous.

America, he knows we're sick of him--even liberals. He doesn't care. He has more flexibility. The Middle East and Russia/Ukraine will get worse. His war on America's energy will accelerate. His AG's looting of the productive class for the benefit of leftist agitators will proceed. His administration's stonewall of every inquiry and investigation will continue. His media protectorate will continue to whore themselves.

We are worse off. Our opportunities are evaporating. Kids can't find jobs. College grads are moving home. It gives me no pleasure to say "I told you so." It fills me with rage that so many dupes will vote liberal again because "warming!" "war on women!" "inequality!"

At least they didn't take 44 hostages. But Islamists now occupy and swim at the US embassy in Tripoli. And America's treasonous media barely notices.

The president is not incompetent. He is a crafty enemy.