Speaking of Gaza: The Left Hates Hitler...and His Victims

Posted: Jul 21, 2014 12:01 AM

Please explain how the national and international Left accomplished this bipolar feat: The two most hated national identities in the world are Hitler's Germany, and the tiny, beleaguered state the international community birthed in 1948 to harbor the survivors and refugees from Hitler's campaign.

Tell us, Leftists. Can history's worst villains really be the Uber Predator and the determined, watchful. prospering remnant of the Predator's victims?

I used to think populists who criticize the existence of public education were a little wacky.

But here's the thing--the difference in world views and values among citizens is becoming sharper. And harsher. Bitter even. Focuses; priorities; values.

It's also clearer to me that it's impossible for a student to ride the conveyor belt through 13 years of K-12 education without inhaling and absorbing the premises and conclusions of the establishment that's hosting her or him for thousands of every hours every year.

As the differences grow sharper, it's not possible to just say "cool" with whatever the state serves up for rearing our children. Especially on the occasions I know my IQ is 20 points higher and my reading much deeper than the teacher who is defending some stupid liberal claim and, of course, assignment and expectation of our kids.

Home school is an option, but so many parents aren't in a position to do that--or don't think they are. School choice, with parental control of where to educate children--backed by the tuition dollars of reasonable cost--is the only option that is consistent with both compulsory education and family and personal freedom.

Prediction: Booking tickets for international flights, it will soon be a standard customer question: "Please tell me any geopolitical hotspots this flight might pass near."

To my friends who believe government is noble and beneficial, while businesspeople are greedy and suspect, please let me ask:

If a selective virus infested earth tomorrow and killed either all government officials and employees, or all business owners, which option do you think would improve your comfort and odds to survive?

"Settled science" has figured out it was wrong; dietary fat and salt aren't hustling us into the grave.

I don't expect any such introspection from the computer modelers and policy hustlers of Global Warming. There is simply too much prestige, money, and Leftist lust for control to consider they are wrong. They don't care if they're wrong--they want the policies whether it affects the climate or not.

But does anyone believe we know more about global climate systems than we do about the human body 's response to nutrients?

With respectful disagreement to the law enforcement friends I hear from after utterances like this...

It is for the citizenry, not police chiefs, to decide if the dragnet effects and a few more citations are worth the random intrusion and detention of roadside DUI checks.

It is for the citizenry, not police chiefs, to decide if the surprise benefits of no-knock raids exceed the risks of mistake and tragic, violent miscarriage of justice.

It is for the citizenry, not police chiefs and city managers, to decide if the enhanced firepower of military vehicles in the garage of our local peace protectors are worth the alienation of the neighbors who walk the street.

Thing is, I've been pretty politically active all my life, including 14 years in a state legislature, and I can't recall a single occasion I could give input on any of these crucial questions about the relations between citizens and the police power.

I'm not sure we still have government of, by, and for the people.

My law enforcement friends hate this kind of argument because they trust their own good intentions. So did every tyrant in history.

My Dad is all Yankee. My step-mom is a Colombian immigrant. Four of my siblings are half Colombian.

One of my sisters in law is a Japanese immigrant. My nephew and niece are half Japanese.

One of my sisters in law is a Guatemalan immigrant. Three of my nephews and nieces are half Guatemalan.

I love my family. All of them.

Do liberals have any idea what disingenuous jerks they are when they play the "RACIST" card because I disagree with their statist redistribution policies?

Policy works or it doesn't. Liberal policy doesn't. So they have to smear critics as haters. I for one, am about sick enough of it to start punching back.

Desperate Central American children: Obama's hostages and human shields in his mission to transform America.

Feminists try to convince us that male and female are interchangeable; no material distinction. So, I propose a simple test. Let's see how often when a guy posts a new online profile picture, he gets a bunch of comments from his buds:

"Dude! you are so handsome!"
"Looking awesome! I love your hair."
"Well, aren't you adorable!"
"Bro, you are simply stunning!"
"Sexy daddy!"

32 years ago, I was a Mormon missionary in Argentina. One night in a plywood and tin roof hut, a sweet woman pointed to me her portrait photo of Eva Peron. "We owe everything to her."

Standing on the dirt floor of this woman's house in 1982, in one of the resource-richest nations on earth, I was at a loss to respond.

Yes, you do owe what you have to her.

I can't believe in 2014 America our prospects are decided by voters as uninformed and misguided as that poor lady.

I'm not understanding some of my conservative friends' condemnation of Glenn Beck's compassion. He's not arguing for a change in immigration policy; he's helping people who are suffering.

Someone once offered water to a condemned Hebrew carrying a cross who the state was about to execute.

If you don't distinguish between values of personal conduct and law-based standards of state action, you don't understand the problem of liberty under law very well.

I once saw a short, squat, brown woman miss a bus in the snow and bitter cold. She accepted the ride I offered. In the course of a delightful five-minute conversation in Spanish, it became clear she was an illegal immigrant. I dropped her off at her cleaning job and wished her well, then pondered the paradox that if she comes into contact with ICE, I think they should deport her.