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Not optimal? No, Mr President.
Four years of 8% unemployment is "not optimal."
$16 Trillion national debt is "not optimal."
Trillion dollar deficits into the horizon are "not optimal."
Lowest workforce participation in a generation is "not optimal."
But four murdered Americans in US service is an atrocity, a damn shame, and a scandal.


If only the president protected the ambassadors that serve America like he protects a tax-demanding bird that entertains children. More votes in the bird, I guess.

"And he was a bad barber in high school...and he hates Big Bird! And, and BINDERS!!! DID YOU HEAR ABOUT BINDERS?!!"
Wow. The One isn’t quite aiming at "healing the planet" anymore, is he?

The holidays are coming! Halloween…whatever. But Thanksgiving!  What an important trait gratitude can be. Wouldn't cultivating thankfulness for blessings make a person better in most every way? Less selfish, prideful, competitive, discontented.

Or, to flip the coin, more giving, humble, peaceful, happy. I think I'll try it.

Media bias Exhibit #3972:
If Intelligence got things wrong under the Texan, it was proof he and the Vice Halliburton dude were evil.

But if Intelligence is blamed for getting things wrong now, it's proof that the One is blameless.

You said gas prices were low under Bush because of the tough economy, Mr. President?
But after four years of you, there are fewer working Americans today than at any point of the Bush years! So what's your excuse for gas prices doubling? Especially while the rest of the world is in a serious slowdown?

Couldn't have anything to do with your anti-energy agenda, could it? Or your meddling that destabilized the Middle East?

Martha Raddatz interrupted Paul Ryan far more and she let the crazy man of Delaware gesticulate unmolested. Candy Crowley confronted Romney more and let Obama talk 10% longer.

Maybe they were mercenaries. Maybe they tried their subjective best. But it wasn't good enough. It's time for GOP candidates to dump the hacks on the prissy Commission on Presidential Debates.

The moderators either have to be truly in the middle, or the mix has to include moderators on the right to balance the usual suspects on the left.


Hello! I'm Candy Crowley. This debate is supposed to address the questions on the minds of a diverse group of undecided Americans. But I had a fit, broke my contract, and demanded the power to ensure that big media shapes the dialogue here tonight.

So now let's meet my supporting cast…!

"Let me be perfectly clear: The economy is Bush's fault. Foreign policy screw ups are Hilary Clinton's fault.

"But, Bin Ladin? I killed that."

In the closing minute of the Bronco’s amazing comeback against the Chargers, I’m reminded it offends my wife every time the teams walk onto the field with time still ticking on the clock.

The Broncos looked very good in the second half. It's time for the national media to declare the season over, the Super Bowl as good as won, and harangue all teams and their fans to accept the inevitable.

In the Veep debate, Paul Ryan resoundingly passed the test of a young VP candidate to show presidential caliber. Know how I know?

The media isn't breathlessly asking the question. Or even talking about it. Not a whisper.

Joe Biden has a neurological disorder: getting his butt kicked by Paul Ryan  makes him laugh.

Wow. I’d overlooked Andy Williams in favor of "cooler" crooners. But on his passing, I spent some time listening on YouTube. I think he may be the male Karen Carpenter, which I mean as very high praise.

California. They left Califreakingfornia out of the big-deal "improved" jobless claims report that the administration and media crowed about. The biggest state with one of the highest jobless rates. Subtracted from the touted number.


Isn't anyone ashamed to support this gangster conspiracy?

Most days, the loyal affections of Samson, the mastiff mutt we own, more than compensate for the insults and indignities dished out by Kat, the feline that owns us...especially when Samson occasionally corners Kat and she has to hiss and yowl for rescue. Ha! Who's your daddy now, kitty?!

Big case in the big court recently. Say, universities, why is diversity of skin pigment more important to the educational environment than diversity of thought and political view? In students and especially faculty?
Seriously. Which is more relevant to what goes on in the class room?

It's not fair! Romney won't submit to the narrative and present himself to voters the way the O-Team media described him to voters!

How deceptive of him to offer solid plans for reform and recovery! And with warmth and intelligence! It's outrageous! How sneaky to refuse to impersonate a mix of Thurston Howell and Attila the Hun!
Doesn't he know how this game is supposed to be played?

I don’t get attacks on Columbus Day. He didn’t didn't change things much himself; the attacks are really on the American civilization that followed Columbus’s connection. Indian tribes might feel that way, but why should Main Street America lament its ancestors? Isn't any culture entitled to celebrate its growth? Are we supposed to hang our heads and regret our society developed?

Every liberal who condemns for-profit health care in the US has to explain food, clothing and shelter. If the profit motive is such a bad thing, why does the US enjoy more food clothing, and shelter than any society in history?
Maybe it's not the profit motive, but the heavy hand of government regulation, participation, funding, and providing, that make health care (and education) such expensive exceptions to the free enterprise miracles we enjoy in America. Do liberals ever consider that?

Some take aways from the first debate:


A. Romney loves America's heritage and believes in its potential
B. He's he's way smart--smart enough to know he can't script us into prosperity, rather, he knows what barriers to knock down to let freedom work its miracles.
C. Obama wants to keep doing at what he's been doing. To anyone who sees that would be insane, his best answer is a scowl.

Best review of the first debate, delivered in gravelly voice from a sofa in Carmel, California: "A chair's gotta know its limitations."

America, you're not really undecided. I refuse to believe. Yes, I know the media and social-cyber pressure is hard to withstand, but grow a pair.

In the booth, you don't want someone to demand your submission for your security. If you did you'd have been born in France. And boy, would you be screwed.

Libertarians sneer that Republicans have never made government smaller. True. But 1) Reagan was arguably the only limited-government president of modern times. Sadly, Tip O'Neil and Jim Wright presided over the appropriators for most of his presidency. So, history sheds limited light. 2) The current GOP awakening of populist push back and support for limiting government is important. Libertarians, you can encourage it or spit at it. Which gets closer to your goal?

On this morning's jog, I'll ponder why Americans who genuinely want smaller government drive liberals a little insane and reduce them to absurd arguments that we want no taxes, no services, no government. What? Society is brutal and uncivilized unless the public sector sucks up at least 50% of the economy?


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