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7 Questions Our Branch Covidian Overlords Refuse to Answer

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When it comes to anything related to Covid-19, leftists have become experts at distracting, blaming, obfuscating, censoring opposing views, and outright lying in order to further their twisted narrative and enact their tyrannical agenda. Question them directly, even politely, and expect to be dismissed, maligned, and talked down to, if you even get a ‘response’ at all. 


The reason they hate our questions, obviously, is that they know they can’t provide reasonable, science & data-based answers. But the fact that they’ll do everything they can to avoid them doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask anyway, because the mere act of asking these questions is an act of resistance against Covid tyranny. In fact, we should all be asking every possible question every chance we get, both on social media and in real life. Because the story told by their actions and demeanor is every bit as important as the ‘answer’ itself, should you manage to receive one.

Just watch the haughty scowls of Mr. Science himself, Dr. Anthony Fauci, when being questioned by Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul at one of several Senate committee hearings over the past two years. He has no choice but to be there (it IS the United States Senate, after all), but the thought of having to explain himself to the peasants clearly rankles him, and it shows. Does that deter Paul? Of course not, because he knows he isn’t reaching Fauci or brainwashed Branch Covidians, but rather non-insane, normal people on the fence who can be swayed by a solid argument.

To that end, in no particular order, here are seven questions our Branch Covidian overlords refuse to answer, because they know they will look ridiculous if they even try to begin.

If the vaccines aren’t preventing contraction or spread, then how are mandates justified?


I get it. Short of a Biblical-level apocalyptic disease and a perfectly safe and sterile vaccine against it, mandates are never actually justified. However, now that even the powers-that-be admit that these vaccines don’t stop contraction or transmission and only supposedly prevent severe illness and deaths for a few months, mandates for *these specific* vaccines are even less justified than anyone can possibly imagine. So even if you support vaccine mandates as a general concept, there is no logical or scientific reason to support mandates for these. Prove me wrong.

Why do the triple-vaccinated still have to wear a mask (or two)?

OK, I’m not vaccinated at all and I don’t have to wear a mask (unless I’m flying), but you might, and plenty of people in Democratic-controled areas do. Why? Didn’t they promise vaccines would lead us back to normalcy? I want my money back!

Why is forced-masking continuing (with any ‘covering’ allowed) despite the lack of real-world evidence from TWO YEARS of it that it stops or even slightly curbs the spread of Covid-19, especially OMICRON?

I’ve gone on and on about this (see my Townhall archive), but it should be asked again and again at every available opportunity. It’s utter insanity.

Why hasn’t the definition of “fully-vaccinated” been changed to include boosters?

It’s been widely acknowledged since at least October that Covid vaccine effectiveness wanes significantly within months. Yet, the powers-that-be refuse to change the definition of “fully-vaccinated” to include boosters. Why? I have a theory, but I want to hear it from them, and I’ll bet you do too.


If OMICRON is a weaker variant with a death and hospitalization rate akin to flu or even the common cold, why are we trying to stop it at all?

There’s a strong argument that OMICRON is, in effect, a ‘vaccine’ created by God - or nature - and is a great way to protect people against more virulent strains. Though the concept of viral attenuation was well-known in the scientific community prior to the Covid era, somehow it’s gotten lost in a sea of irrational Covid panic. But they should have expected it, and now that it’s here they should be welcoming OMICRON with open arms. Why aren’t they?

Why do their Covid policies ignore or downplay natural immunity?

Again, prior to the Covid-era, natural immunity to viruses was well understood and acknowledged. It is only now, in their pathological urge to see every man, woman, and child vaccinated against a strain that is no longer prevalent (see above), they pretend that it doesn’t exist and stubbornly refuse to account for it in any of their policies. This, despite the dozens of studies showing natural immunity to be durable, effective, and long-lasting. It’s maddening, yet here we are.

If forever-boosters aren’t sustainable, how can this nonsense continue?

The European Medicines Agency acknowledged that "we will end up potentially having problems with the immune response" if booster shots are given every few months, not to mention the "risk of fatiguing the population." Why, then, haven't more Branch Covidians realized that this nonsense has to stop, and quite soon?


You will doubtless think of plenty more to add to this list. Feel free to put them in the comments. Then ask them. Ask them at your school board meeting, your doctor’s office, your HR department, and around the dinner table with friends and family. Ask them every chance you get. Sow that seed of doubt wherever you can. Make them think. Who knows? That seed you plant could eventually grow into a tree that red pills someone you know or love.

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