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As the ongoing Chinese coronavirus pandemic turns out to be far less deadly than previously feared, certain segments of the population are itching to get America’s economy rolling again. Except, although we were initially told to hunker down for a few weeks to “flatten the curve,” the goalposts were moved as soon as the original goal was met. Now, a significant chunk of people seemingly want the lockdowns to last forever or until a vaccine is developed, whichever comes sooner. 


Interestingly, the politics behind who wants to get back to work and who wants to keep their PJs on and continue their weeks-long slumber party ad infinitum are blatantly obvious. Many on the right were concerned about coronavirus ever since hearing about the strange happenings in Wuhan. They were clamoring for President Trump to close the border with China in January, a step he took to great protest and consternation from the left who, like Nancy Pelosi, Bill de Blasio and others, were busy telling everyone it was no biggie and Trump was overreacting. But now that things are on the downward swing, it seems some conservatives and only conservatives are chomping at the bit to get things moving again in order to save the lives of countless people for whom a second Great Depression would mean the end of their livelihoods and even some of their lives long-term. The left, on the other hand, is in no hurry, and who could blame them? Of late, they’ve witnessed many of their most insane policy goals come either to fruition or within palpable reach, and they aren’t about to let some lame protesters trying to feed their families get in the way of "progress."

Indeed, if some sort of five-headed Demogorgon combination of Che Guevara, Vladimir Lenin, Saul Alinsky, Karl Marx, and Joseph Stalin managed to emerge from the pits of hell to wreak havoc for a few months, it’s hard to imagine how the world would be different from what has happened thus far in 2020. The boon provided by the ongoing Wuhan-flu pandemic has provided a veritable leftist Christmas wishlist so exhaustive that one might be forgiven for expecting some indefatigable independent journalist to uncover evidence that Squad members traveled to Wuhan and brought the virus back themselves.


Here are a few ways leftists are living out their wildest dreams in the age of corona:

Police State Dreams Come True

We all know it. Leftists may seem to take on an anti-police persona when the police are out there enforcing actual laws and protecting the innocent against violent criminals, but what they really want deep down is what every good Marxist knows is necessary to keep a questioning populace in line - a Police State. And when you’ve got would-be tin-pot dictators from New Jersey to California to Virginia to ‘Governor Karen’ ‘saving lives’ by stopping would-be home gardeners from planting seeds up in Michigan, there’s no shortage of THOSE to go around. Pre-corona, who would have ever dreamed that from a civil liberties standpoint things could go downhill this fast and in so many ways? People are literally getting arrested for going to church, taking walks on the beach, picketing abortion clinics, and even protesting the policies of their own government. Sure, it seems sick to us normal folks, but stuff like this is what leftists live for.

Trillions Down The Hole

Leftists have always been big spenders, of other people’s money. Granted, the federal government’s yearly budget has been gargantuan for as long as most of us can remember, but prior to coronavirus even Chuck Schumer might have at least pretended to balk had someone suggested we spend an extra two trillion, give or take a few hundred billion. Yet, here we are. Sure, something had to be done in some way given the enforced government shutdowns, but that’s my point. There’s no way the left doesn’t win long-term when money like that goes out the door that fast.



If leftists are good at anything, it’s moral preening, virtue signaling, and duping some ordinary folks into thinking they are ‘good people.’ And never have more opportunities existed for that than the recent trend of COVID-shaming people for daring to want to keep their children fed and a roof over their heads. If you’ve got to pretend to care about lives, caring about those taken by this virus allows them to look virtuous and still live out their Satanic dreams, knowing full well that the economic devastation that’s to come will kill far more than coronavirus ever would have. (For more on this topic, my column last week was all about COVID-shaming and their most ridiculous arguments.)

Watching The Rubes Suffer

To leftists, ordinary Americans are uneducated, ignorant rubes who deserve whatever pain comes their way, just for being who they are. Insisting they lose their businesses and their livelihoods on the off chance they might ‘save’ a few people from contracting a virus that’s likely only slightly more deadly than the flu is their way of saying ‘screw you’ to the part of America they hate the most. The more suffering the better, so long as they can watch it unfold on CNN from the comfort of their pristine Beltway townhouses.

Running Out The Clock On Trump


While Congress is “fighting” this overblown pandemic from the safety of its members’ home offices, they aren’t in session getting things done for the American people, and Trump appointees and judges aren’t being confirmed either. If you’re a leftist, keeping this going for as long as possible is akin to holding onto the basketball with no shot clock. Keep it up, beat Trump, and it’s ‘smooth sailing’ in 2021, they think. 

Given all these reasons and more, why on earth would the left EVER want to get America back to work? Most are either comfortably situated in media or beltway jobs and/or living somehow off the government teat themselves. They’ve got nothing to lose and seemingly everything to gain by burning the whole thing to the ground, which is pretty much what they’ve been trying to do from the start. 

As always, when the political left says a policy position is about “saving lives,” you can always reliably translate that to “obtaining power.”

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