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Women Have It Made

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Here’s a fact you may not have considered before: Women HAVE IT MADE. 

Granted, I’ve never been accused of having perfect timing, but truly, what better time IS there to publish a politically incorrect article about the ladies than the day after Mother’s Day, when we’ve all just justifiably celebrated the indispensable role women and mothers have in raising society’s next generation? There’s no better time, obviously, so let’s dive in!


I’ll admit that, notwithstanding the title of this article, being a woman, particularly one with a leftist worldview, does come with its own unique set of challenges. Imagine what it must be like to genuinely think that a significant percentage of the population wants you to be subjugated beings condemned to go barefoot, do all the housework, get groped at will, wear bonnets, and make four-fifths of what a man makes for the exact same work. Sure, with a few high profile exceptions it’s an imaginary world, but it’s also clearly one a significant number of leftist women imagine they really do live in.

But here in the REAL world, the one where technology has rendered the one true advantage men once had - strength - virtually obsolete, the ladies really do have it made (well, other than the occasional mentally-ill biological male dominating a few female sporting events by pretending to be a woman). Turns out, in what is the safest, most prosperous time in all of human history, from economic wealth to lifespans to criminal justice to literal murder, it’s far better to be female.

And it’s really not even close. Consider:

Four out of five murder victims are male, and men are the victims of most violent crimes. According to Bureau of Justice Statistics, “Males experienced higher victimization rates than females for all types of violent crime except rape/sexual assault.” In 2016, 19.6 males out of every 1,000 aged 12 or older were the victims of a violent crime, far surpassing the still tragic 1.6 out of 1,000 people, both males and females, who are victims of sexual assault.


Even the statistics on rape/sexual assault aren’t completely what they seem. While women are tragically the victims of sexual assault, on average, around 320,000 times per year, “the BJS has estimated that more than 200,000 inmates are sexually abused in American detention facilities annually,” according to The Marshall Report. And we all know what gender most of those inmates are. Given that, along with female on male rape and rape during wartime, the male/female rape/sexual assault disparity may not be as wide as we think. 

Which leads to the next point, the fact that the overwhelming majority of prisoners are men. In fact, males comprise 93 percent of incarcerated individuals at any given time. And since the concept of “social justice” tells us that such disparities cannot be due to actual behaviors, it must follow that the police and criminal justice system in America is overwhelmingly anti-male, right? (Face it, you can’t argue with THAT ‘logic,’ because it’s just not allowed.)

There are more where these came from, many more:

Men are generally punished more harshly than women for the same crimes.

No matter where they are in the world or under what conditions, women live longer than men.

Women are entering college, and graduating, at a significantly higher rate than their male counterparts. 

Women hold 60 percent of the personal wealth in the United States, and own 51 percent of the stocks. 


Courts overwhelmingly rule for women in marital disputes, particularly when granting alimony and custody of children. 

Men are 10 times more likely to get killed on the job than women. Yet, liberals still whine about the so-called “gender pay gap,” which is a myth, like Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, and the idea that we’ll EVER achieve any sort of “social justice” that satisfies a leftist. Currently, in some cases there are compensation advantages to taking jobs that the market values or that have a higher chance of putting you six-feet under, but social justice warriors want to take THAT away too, all in the name of “equality.”

Finally, since today’s #MeToo society thinks women are incapable of lying, they are expected to be believed no matter how outlandish or unsubstantiated the accusation.

Give all of the above, and probably many more I’ve neglected to cite, women are STILL treated as a “minority” in American law. Which means that, among many other things, woman-owned businesses reap advantages simply not available to their apparently less deserving co-humans.

In today’s world, females are given all the perks, all the benefits of every doubt, and, despite the notion of equality, men are STILL generally expected to White Knight for the ladies at every opportunity.

Yes, women have been oppressed in various societies and in various forms throughout history. Heck, they are even oppressed now in some societies, but not in the West, not now, not anymore, not for a long time. Nor should they be, ever. I want my daughters to have the same opportunities at life that anyone else in this country has. But when the concept of “gender equality” is brought up on a debate program, a town hall, or political speech, the speaker is always speaking of “how far we have to go” before this mythical goal is finally achieved. Except, with social justice warriors, the stated goal is never actually reachable, even when it’s actually been reached or, in this case, exceeded. Have you ever heard a liberal say, “Well, looks like the sexes are finally equal. We’ve met our goal, so we can relax!” 


You never will. In truth, leftists will never be satisfied. There is always “more than can be done.”

When we make first-class citizens of one group, doesn’t that automatically make second-class citizens of everyone else?


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