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Leftists don’t care a whit about the lives lost in tragedies like what happened in San Diego’s Chabad of Poway Synagogue Saturday, only about what political gains they can make from them. Rahm Emanuel once said to never let “a serious crisis go to waste,” and few things are better, from a leftist standpoint, than when someone who can even remotely be associated with the right wing goes berserk. (Bonus if it’s with one of the “scarier” guns they’re currently trying to ban.)


Yet ironically, contrary to what they accuse President Trump of doing, it is the left’s “anti-hate” tactics that have served to embolden, radicalize, and grow the most extreme of right wing extremists. How, you ask? For starters, these four reasons are worth exploring if we expect to take our heads out of the proverbial sand and deal with the issue head on.

Media Magnifying

Unlike others, particularly minority-committed hate crimes or crimes committed by illegal aliens, hate crimes by the far right are covered virtually 24/7 by a slavering news media itching to do the left’s bidding. While I would contend that, despite Saturday’s awful events, far right violence is still a tiny fraction of overall violence in America, such crimes do sadly expand in significance because of media coverage of the motive, the ideologies, and particularly the manifestos left behind by these whack-jobs. By driving the narrative that there is a “white supremacist” behind every bush just waiting to commit mayhem, they use fear to manipulate the public into letting the left “solve” the “hate problem in America” in a way that gives them more power. 

Except, by doing so they risk inspiring every loser drugged-up wanna-be race-warrior that hurting others and thereby losing their freedom and possibly their own life is somehow worth becoming a household name and getting their “manifesto” read by millions.


If the media can’t stop publishing their names, at the very least these “manifestos” need to enter an FBI vault as soon as they are made known, never to see the light of day. 

Speech Suppression

Leftists typically “deal” with problems by taking a sledgehammer to a tack, thereby ending up destroying the whole thing in the process. So it is with their desire to somehow ban and/or confiscate guns, and so it is with their belief that if we outlaw unpalatable thought and speech, such thought and speech will disappear from the human mind. Instead, just as Prohibition, the temperance movement, and religious fundamentalism never worked to curb alcohol consumption and indeed likely led to more abuse of the substance, and just as the drug war ended up with even MORE people addicted to drugs, criminalizing speech and suppressing thought only leads people to ask questions like: “Why don’t they want me to ask questions about that?” and “Why don’t they want me to think those things?” Thus, in the absence of daylight, potentially dangerous extremism grows.

To today’s left, almost anything can be considered “hate speech,” so the term means little anymore. The reason they paint with such a broad brush, of course, is that they don’t have valid answers to every question from the right, and so they must stop questions from being asked. If someone asks why murder or rape is wrong, we may look at them funny and back away a bit, but we give them a valid answer. Yet, if someone asks why “diversity is a strength” or why immigrants from the Third World should be allowed en masse into the United States, leftists simply call them a hater and tell them to shut up. 


Oh, but a neo nazi has “answers” aplenty to such questions. Sure, they may involve a little mayhem and a lot of murder, but “answers” they’ll get, and then some. 

Counterproductive Immigration Policies

Democrats of late have shifted from being the party of the working, middle-class American to the party that advocates bringing as many people from the Third World to the United States as possible, as quickly as possible, without restriction, vetting, or even an encouragement to assimilate. Question it in any way, and you’re branded a “hater.” Might that cause some cognitive dissonance in impressionable right-leaning minds? 

Identity Politics and Anti-White Hate

Whites are totally the biggest losers. We pillaged the world for our own pleasure and greed, have contributed nothing of significance, and are at fault for every problem from unwatchable dancing to climate change. That’s the leftist narrative, anyway. These days, to be white is to be either in a state of constant apology or at war with the left. And sadly, the left has offered no middle ground.

Towards the end of the anti-alt-right and pro-antifa documentary “Alt-Right: Days of Rage,” leftist podcaster Matt Christman shows his hand by portraying just two options for those concerned about America’s future:

“There’s going to be ecological catastrophe, and it’s going to either require mass redistribution of the ill-gotten gains of the First World, or genocide,” Christman said. “These [the alt-right] are the first people who have basically said, ‘Well, if that’s the choice, I choose genocide.’”


Um, first of all, I think we’ll take a hard pass on the genocide, thank you very much. And as far as the global Communism goes, that’s a big fail too, as is calling the accomplishments of First World countries somehow “ill-gotten.” Yep, it’s a classic false dilemma fallacy. The truth is, there are more than two options, but if just one young, impressionable, disaffected white kid sees those options and isn’t keen on giving up all his stuff, could he look elsewhere for answers?

To be clear, none of the above factors is ever an excuse for murder, but they do at least in part explain the rise of far right extremism not only in America, but Europe as well. In truth, the left’s way never works, not when it comes to economics and not when it comes to dealing with hate. In Europe, where their policies are far advanced, neo nazi Anders Breivik slaughtered 69 people with a rifle and a pistol in liberal Norway, where gun laws are strict and “hate speech” and certainly any form is Nazism is outlawed. Far right groups, whether fringe or more mainstream, are on the rise, and the social fabric is literally ripping at the seams as Europe’s feckless leaders continue to import the world at the expense of its own people. There are answers that are neither far right nor far left, but the left is loathe to discuss any of them.

The only way to deal with extremism of any kind is with openness, dialogue, and truth. Sadly, the left lost the ability to deal in any of those things long, long ago.


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