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Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to pay our respects to one of the pillars on which America relies.  We pay homage to a group of citizens who have been overtaxed, used as cannon fodder by the Hollywood elite, and brought only to the forefront, as a battle cry, by politicians during their campaign season.

Throughout history, there have been many examples of socio-economic groups who have been under assault by their own Government.  Traditionally, this would be the very wealthy and/or the very poor.  Today, the American middle class finds itself under assault as never before. The latest attack being the bunker busting bomb entitled the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act i.e. Obamacare.  Now, the very survival of America’s middle class hangs in the balance.  In all actuality, Obamacare is nothing but a front for a total government take over and redistribution of wealth while establishing a socialist nanny state. This is where we begin to say good-bye to the middle class and hello to a Marxist utopia.

According to the most recent census study that I can find, there are over 5.91 million small businesses (those with fewer than 500 employees), which the new law will affect.  With this new law, rather than face penalties or outrageous health plan costs, these owners are now having to make the choice between which employees to lay off and/or what service to or not to offer their customers.  Will someone please explain to me how this benefits the American economy?  The only predictable growth will be in the unemployment line.  These newly released workers who should be breathing a sigh of relief for surviving the last two years of hardship, will now suddenly find themselves in a desolate and strained job market.

Let us examine one profession, which was put on notice the day the healthcare ruling was passed down.  While in the past, those who practiced medicine were seen as guaranteed a certain level of wealth and job security, thanks to the new healthcare law, gone are the days when a doctor could come out of medical school and immediately jump into a comfortable lifestyle.  Today, the average medical student graduates from Residency not only with the title of Doctor but also a debt of $150,000.00 in tuition alone according to the Association of American Medical Colleges.
Then, those young Doctors pay an average bill of malpractice insurance and other insurance cost depending on their specialty and location.  On the low end, an internist in Minnesota could be charged around $4,000 for malpractice insurance which seems reasonable enough however in Nevada an OBGYN could pay as much as $200,000 for this same coverage. This is partly in thanks to the trial lawyers who are quick to file a lawsuit and the lack of tort reform this country has experienced in the last decade.  Finally, with the rising cost of equipment, technology and staff, and this new health care act, we have taken away yet another incentive which motivated medical professionals to put in the time, the sacrifice and the dedication to practice medicine which is why many predict a shortage of doctors and specialist in the future.
Far from the high dollars given in the past, today most Doctors find themselves members of the middle class and I believe the majority would disagree with the health care act.  Unfortunately, like most members of a Union who do not want to speak out against their Union, many Doctors will not speak out against the American Medical Association.  This just goes to show that bullying and intimidation tactics do not just involve big burly men named Hoffa in the back allies of Chicago or else we would have more Doctors being honest and vocal about how this health care law is going to affect their ability to offer affordable quality care in a timely manner.

The middle class is a vital part of our American society. Its demise will not occur instantly.  This is only the latest wave in the constant erosion, and ultimate destruction of a large segment of population who have made this country great. While strong in heart, the Middle Class will never be able to succeed if it continues to be governed by a group of central planners who themselves are not subject to the rules in which they enact.  With more than 230 members of Congress falling into the millionaire category, I find it ironic that they are allowed to levy their own salaries and staff allotment using taxpayer dollars without much oversight or public knowledge.  I am all for the capitalist system and strongly support those who made their fortunes without any ties to the Government or a lobbyist, however those are very few.  Just as unfortunate is that no party can point a finger at the other without pointing fingers at themselves which is the reason why no one wants to start throwing stones in their own glass house.

The death of the middle class is a version of suicide.  As we continue to elect politicians who refuse to stand up for the taxpaying citizens of this country, we are guilty for our own destructive fate.  Time and time again, we put up signs, hold fundraisers and spend hours manning phone banks for candidates who we are told are conservatives.  However, once they get back in their cushy office in DC they forget to fight for those at home and we allow them to do this.  We the people need an intervention.  We, the citizens of the United States of America, need to stop this path of self-destruction. We need to a chart a new course for this country or unfortunately there will be no one around to read the eulogy.

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